⇨ Xiaomi fastboot mode , How to enter and what is it for?

This time we bring you the way to enter and exit mode fastboot of a Xiaomi. A hidden menu that will allow you, among other things, flash your mobile to change ROM or to recover it from a Brick.

what is Xiaomi fastboot? We explain it to you

what is xiaomi fastboot

Well, fastboot (fast boot) is a mode that will allow you to make changes to the software of your smartphone Xiaomi, Redmi or Pocophone

so you can flash your device! So you have the possibility to change the MIUI version o.. install any other ROM, install TWRP and more from this mode.

All this is done from a computer, connecting the mobile via USB in fastboot mode and using Xiaomi’s Mi Flash Tool.

how to enter fastboot mode on any Xiaomi or Redmi

First of all and to avoid that you do not enter fastboot mode in conventional mode, it is best to enable the developer options, so you avoid having problems.

  • Go to the settings of your phone , then to the option “about phone” and then give 7 times to the Miui version option. Ready, you will see the developer options and you can continue.

fastboot xiaomi

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Now, press power button + volume down button at the same time, for a few seconds.
  3. And… Voila! If you did it correctly you will be inside the fastboot menu and you will see an image with MITU (Xiaomi mascot) repairing Andy (Android mascot).

Xiaomi Update

In case you have not accessed fastboot, you can try again until you have succeeded(check developer options).

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how to exit fastboot mode on Xiaomi?

There are people who have problems to exit this mode, or who have been stuck there for more than 20 minutes after flashing a rom, but here are only two solutions to exit this mode.

Once inside, all you have to do is press the power button for about 15 seconds approximately.

After this, the mobile should reboot and load the system normally, but… if it doesn’t remove, the system may be experiencing faults and it will be necessary to flash (reinstall the ROM again).

⚠️Make sure you have the correct ROM downloaded and compatible with your phone version and COUNTRY.

Questions and answers about Fastboot Mode on Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco phones

what does fastboot mean on Xiaomi?

It is the recovery mode that allows you to perform a forced reboot or you can even reset the phone to factory state.

what is xiaomi fastboot mode for?

It allows you to force reboot your phone and even completely reset your phone.

how to access fastboot mode on a xiaomi mobile?

To enter fasboot mode you need to activate developer mode and then press power button + volume down button at the same time.

how to exit fasboot mode on Xiaomi?

To exit this mode you need to press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds without releasing.

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