⓿ ▷ How to add games on game turbo on a Xiaomi

don’t know how to add games on Xiaomi Game Turbo? Below we will show you how to add them and how to activate this mode in the quickest and simplest way in MIUI 10 y MIUI 11.

So you can squeeze the full potential of your model while you play – this tutorial works for almost all models! From the Redmi Note 7, My 9 or Poco F1 to any other of the latest generation.

Add games in the Game Turbo of your Xiaomi or Redmi phone in MIUI 11 [Paso a paso]

While, some games (especially, popular ones), are added automatically, there are others that are not, and you will need to do the following:

  1. Open Settings ⇨ Special functions ⇨ Game Turbo
  2. If you open it for the first time, you will have to click on OK to grant the required authorizations.
  3. For add a setsimply tap the “+” button, select the game you want to add, and you’re done!

Once done, it will be will automatically activate when you use the game in question. And a menu with various options will appear at the top of the screen, but don’t worry, it can be hidden.

Enable Xiaomi Game Turbo in MIUI 10

To add games and activate it in MIUI v10, it’s as easy as doing this:

  1. Go to the security application
  2. Search and enter the option Speed Accelerator
  3. You will now be inside Game Turbo and you will see all the games you have installed and you will be able to add any that do not appear.

To activate it you will have to go to Settings (inside the same app) ⇨ There you will be able to activate or not the option Speed accelerator in games or Game Speed Booster.

what exactly does Game Turbo do?

With this technology you will significantly improve performance of your smartphone in games. This, thanks to the fact that it optimizes the resources (RAM and CPU) of the mobile, and allocates them only to the game.

Also dynamically adjusts CPU power according to the current demands of the game, and… what does it mean? Well, it will increase the power when the game requires it to keep the FPS stable, and decrease it when it doesn’t, thus helping to save battery life.

Also, enhances the gaming experience since:

  • Closes all other applications
  • Allows you to adjust the touch response and sensitivity
  • Omits certain gestures, such as the screen capture gesture
  • Disable (or not) annoying notifications while playing games
  • Disable read mode
  • and much more!

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