⓿ How to move photos from a xiaomi to computer 【2022】

In this post we will show you how to transfer photos from a Xiaomi to a computer without USB cable, via Wi-Fi. You will even see a method to transfer your images without any Internet connection. So, check them out!

transfer photos from xiaomi to pc

Method #1 (WITH Internet): How to move photos and other files from Xiaomi phone to computer

The procedure will be via the application ShareMeformerly known as Mi Drop; it will be used for create an FTP server. So, to transfer photos from a Xiaomi cell phone to a PC, the first step is to download ShareMe on your mobile.

The second step is to connect both your PC and your Xiaomi smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network. The third step is to open the ShareMe application and do the following:

how to transfer photos from xiaomi to computer

  1. The top left corner, touch the image of your avatar.
  2. Click on the “Connect to computer“.
  3. Tap on “Start”, and set (or not) a password.

The fourth step is to copy the IP address it will show us, go to our computer, and enter the IP in our favorite web browser.

After this, you will have to enter the password (if you set it), and you are done you will be able to see each folder inside your Xiaomi smartphone, so you’ll just need to head to the folder in question and download the file you want.

Method #2 (WITHOUT Internet): Transfer photos from your Xiaomi phone to PC

The next way is much simpler than the previous one, and it is likewise via ShareMethe only difference is that… neither the computer nor the cell phone must be connected to the same network, as the application can create its own access point

In this case, you have to go back to touch your avatar in the upper left corner. But now, you will have to click on “Share web”. After that, you will have to select the photo(s) and tap the “Send” button. After doing so, a screen will appear screen will appear, indicating the name and password of the network to which the computer is to be connected.

download xiaomi photos to pc

Once you connect the PC, it will show you the IP address that you will have to enter in the browser and… voila! You will be able to see and download the files you previously selected.

As you can see, transfer photos from a Xiaomi SD card to your computer is not at all complicated: you will never lose your photos anymore for not knowing how to transfer them to the computer correctly and as you have seen , very easily.

We hope that this simple tutorial on how to transfer photos from Xiaomi to a pc or computer has helped you, and that you can download those photos that you liked so much and store them in a safe place on your hard drive.

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