⓿ How to speed up animations in MIUI 【TUTORIAL】

do you have a Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco slow phone? In this new tutorial you will see how to speed up MIUI animationswith this, you will notice a great change in the fluidity when closing and opening applications, and at the same time, you will notice a performance improvement overall performance of your smartphone.

how to speed up animations in MIUI and improve the performance of your Xiaomi phone?

Well, what we will do is increase the speed of the transitions of animations. For this, first we must enable the developer options, and that is done as follows:

accelerate miui

  1. Head to Settings ➜ About phone
  2. Where it says “MIUI Version.” tap 3 times quickly until the developer options are activated.

Increases the speed of Miui and its system

Once we have access to these options, it was time to optimize animation levels for improve speed in MIUI. Then, do the following:

    1. Again go to Settings ➜ Additional settings ➜ Developer options
    2. Now find the following options and change their values to:
  • Window animation level ➜ Tap and set it to 0.5X
    • Animation level of transitions ➜ Set it to 0.5X
    • Animation duration level ➜ Set it to 0.5X

miui animations

With these simple settings you will gain more performance and fluidity wARNING! If you are not a very fan of animations, also you can choose to disable themwithout any problem.

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