⓿ Which applications use the most RAM on Xiaomi and how to free up memory

RAM memory is vital for any cell phone, and in Xiaomi it is not at all uncommon for some application to get “sucking memory“and we don’t realize it until we see that we are the phone doesn’t answer as it should.

ram memory used in miui

how to know the RAM memory available on my phone?

In this tutorial we will show you how to see which applications have the most RAM are consuming on your phone, in addition to how to free memory to make your cell phone work perfectly.

The first step we can do to take a look over and quickly is to go to multitasking, where we will be able to see the amount of memory Total RAM and available RAM as in the image above.

  • If for some reason, the ram memory you are using does not appear there, do not worry, you can activate this option from the Settings/Startup screen and recent applications, show memory statusand it will come up.

Detailed display of Ram usage in Miui applications

This previous option, shows us “above”, the Ram memory available on our phone, but of course. Now we have to see if we have some applications that are consuming a lot of memoryand stop or clean them if so.

miui applications

For this we go to the settings/applications/manage applications. And we will get a list of system applications that are consuming phone resources.

ram memory usage in xiaomi

As you can see in the image above, the red arrows are the RAM that are currently consuming on your phone, while the green arrows are the storage.

Located the applications that consume the most RAM memory in your phone, we can enter inside them and at the bottom we find the option of delete defaults y cLEAN DATA.

clear ram memory

By hitting it, we will be freeing up our RAM memory and quite possibly our RAM memory will be available again with more memory.

I have cleared application data, but the RAM used is very high

Another thing you can do if you have memory usage RAM usage in an application is quite highif the application is not running, it is to check if that application has the automatic startup enabled, because maybe it does not need it and is always active!.

To do this we return to the previous screen in Settings/Applications/ and click on the option Permissionsinside there we click on the option of “Automatic start“.

automatic start for ram

As you can see in my case, I have the application MOJIETUfor the Roidmi 3S, for example, that application could remove it from the list, because until I’m not in the car i will not need it to be on, consuming ram memory and resources.

  • Keep in mind that the applications you truly need to be continuously running are mainly messaging applicationssuch as WhatsApp and mail, as they have to be on the lookout for new messages continuously.

do you have a Xiaomi smartphone with low memory? Reduce Ram memory consumption

Currently, it is already rare to see phones with less than 4GB of Ramat least in Xiaomi. RAM is responsible for storing data from applications that are running over a period of time. That is to say, you are playing a game and you exit the game is still loading “on the back of the phone” so that when you come back, I don’t have to charge it all over again.

why do we need so much RAM and why does your phone get slow?

Maybe you may ask yourself, do I need minimum 4/6/8 GB of Ram for a phone? The answer is, it depends.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra with 16 gb ram

In the case of Xiaomi is characterized by having a layer of customization, the most complex, therefore, many applications and active settings and therefore, perhaps a Xiaomi phone needs 6GB of Ram to go well with Miui 12.5 for example.

Whereas a Google phone, with Android Stock and optimization befitting that phone and less customization, can do well with 4GB.

Today it’s not crazy to see phones with 12GB of Ram or more, like the Black Shark 4 or the E 11high-end phones, with great hardware resources.

For more modest phones, Xiaomi as well as other brands, are focusing on what is called virtual RAMdo you want to know what it is and if you can apply it to your phone? Visit the article dedicated to the Virtual Ram.

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