▷ All about the Xiaomi Mi Band 4【Full Tutorial】

We will now show you a series of very useful tricks that every owner of a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 should know. Specifically, you’ll see how to reset it, set an alarm, install new watchfacessynchronize it with your cell phone… Everything and much more in our post of Tutorials about the Mi Band 4!

How to synchronize and configure your Mi Band 4

With the last tutorial of this post you will learn how to sync the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 with your mobile. And you will see that it is as easy as doing the following:

  1. In order to pair with your smartphone, you will obviously need to have the app Mi Fit installed on your terminal. If you don’t have it, you can download it from this link → Download Mi Fit.
  2. Once installed, proceed to log in, then at the bottom right click on “Profile”.
  3. In the “My devices” section, tap on “Add device.”
  4. Choose the “Bracelet” option from all available options.

mi band 4 bracelet

  1. A message will now appear on your band with the text “Pair the phone?” or “Pair the phone?”, to which you must press ✅ to synchronize it and also on your mi band 4 you must accept the synchronization.
  2. Once this is done you should get the time and date on the screen of your wristband and a complete message. If not, try all the steps again and make sure you have the mi band 4 near your phone.

mi band 4 pairing

How to reset or format Mi Band 4 [Hard Reset]

This is ideal for erasing all the information stored on the wristband, and in turn, restoring the factory settings. It is as simple as doing this:

  1. Unlock your Mi Band 4 by tapping on the bottom of its screen
  2. Swipe upwards to enter the options menu
  3. Find and select the option “More
  4. Enter the “Settings

mi band 4 settings

  1. Click on “Factory Reset
  2. When the warning message appears, tap the “✅” check at the top to accept the action.

reset mi band 4

done! In the blink of an eye you will have your Mi Band 4 correctly formatted, back to default settings. Remember that like this, you will be able to pair it with another cell phone. And if you want to continue using it with the one you were already using, you will have to pair it again as we have explained in the first part of this tutorial.

How to reset the Mi Band 4

If your device is crashing frequently but for no reason you want to Hard Reset it and erase all the information, then you are just left to reset the Xiaomi Mi band 4 in the following way:

  1. Tap on the bottom and slide to enter the options menu
  2. Now go to More → Settings → Reset

reset my band 4

  1. Click ✅to confirm the action
  2. and that’s it! The band will proceed to reboot in a matter of seconds
  3. If for some issue your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 doesn’t respond to the touch and that’s why you want it to restart, what you will have to do is wait for the battery to be completely drained, then charge it fully and turn it back on.

Learn how to set an alarm on the Mi Band 4

Just as you see it, on this band you can also set an alarm capable of wake us up with a simple vibration. To program it do the following:

  1. Take your smartphone and go to the application My Fit
  2. Press the “Profile” option located in the lower right corner of the app

mi band 4 profile

  1. In the “Linked devices” section, select your Mi Band 4 to enter the options menu
  2. Once in the menu, enter the “Alarm” option

alarm xiaomi mi band 4

  1. Tap “Add” to set the time and days you want the alarm to sound, don’t forget to press “Save” to confirm!


You can now view your saved alarms in a list , to check that everything is OK.

When the set time arrives, your bracelet will start to vibrate and sound at the same time. To deactivate it you will have to press “X”, or press “Z” to postpone the alarm for another 10 minutes.

remove alarm mi band 4

How to download and install backgrounds or Watchfaces on your Mi Band 4

If you’re bored of putting the same default themes that brings your Mi Smart Band 4, you’re in luck! You can install new watchfaces on your Xiaomi Band 4:

  1. First of all, you must disable Bluetooth on your cell phone! This way the band will not be synchronized; a fundamental requirement to install the new tracks correctly.
  2. In your smartphone go to Amazfitwatchfaceschoose the theme you like and download it, it must be a bin file.

spheres mi band 4

  1. Open the app My Fitgo to “Wristband screens” and choose a watchface that you don’t like or never use, it will be replaced by the new one. You will only have to learn its design or background image.
  2. Head to File Explorer and go to Android → data → com.xiaomi.him.health → files → watch_skin_local.
  3. When you’re there, look in each folder the background image of the watchface you want to replace with the new one. Once you find it, paste the watchface you downloaded into that path or folder.
  4. Now copy the name of the bin file of the watchface you are replacing and then rename it to “BACKUP”. Then place the name you just copied into the previously downloaded watchface.
  5. Next, re-enable Bluetooth on your cell phone, open the application My Fitgo to “Wristband Screens” and click on “Synchronize watch appearance“.

After doing this the new theme will be recognized by the app and you can now apply it to your Mi Band 4 do you want to restore the previous watchface? Do everything backwards. Just delete the one you downloaded, and then rename it to the original one.

⚠️If you’re looking to change the face of an Amazfit stratos, Bip, Pace or Verge you can follow the tutorial we made specifically for these watches, here.

How to charge your Mi Band 4 bracelet

Recharging Xiaomi bracelets has always been complicated, but the problem is always the same: disassembling them from the strap. That is why below you will see how to remove Mi Band 4 from the rubber strap without much hassle.

  1. As you know, the band is made up of two parts: the strap and the screen. Well, first you must remove the screen by simply pressing the back side forward.

remove my band 4

  1. Right away take the charger from the band and attach the display part. Make sure that the charger-screen connectors fit perfectly.

connector mi band 4

  1. Finally, you will only need to connect the bracelet to your computer or a power outlet to start charging and you’re done.
  2. As a recommendation DO NOT FEAR when removing it from the strap, as it is what can give more problems and it is very difficult that you can break the capsule of the Mi Band 4.

how long to charge for? In general it’s about an hour, but don’t get complicated, wait for the screen to show 100% charge and disconnect it from the power and enjoy it.

Where to buy cheap the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

⇨We hope these tutorials can help you with any problems you may be having with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 one of the best-selling Xiaomi smart bracelets thanks to its quality price and that you can get for less than 23 € from Amazon, with full guarantee and security.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4C Smart Activity Tracker Smart Watch 1.08 'color screen Activity with Activity Monitors 5 ATM Waterproof Black Waterproof Black

Xiaomi Mi Band 4C Smart Activity Tracker Smart Watch 1.08″ Color Display Activity with Activity Monitors 5 ATM Waterproof Black Water Resistant Black

  • XIAOMI Mi Band 4C: 1.08-inch screen in LCD technology – unlike Mi Band 4, which is OLED -, with a resolution of 128 by 220 dots, Clearer screen more vivid, you can adjust the brightness Raise your wrist to illuminate the screen and touch the palm of your hand to support it.
  • New features: in terms of internal specifications, Xiaomi Mi Band 4C has 512 KB of RAM and 8 MB of storage, enough to monitor sleep, detect heart rate, receive notifications and monitor movements throughout the day, as well as five sports: running, walking, cycling, treadmill and free training.
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring and sleep monitor: protect your health at all times, 30 minutes of automatic heart rate detection is activated, alert you when your heart rate is too high. Accurately record each night’s sleep information, deep sleep and light sleep to help you adjust your sleeping habits.
  • 14 days battery life: Mi Smart Band 4C has 130 mAh battery capacity, has USB Type A charging technology, with 14 days standby time; receive and view 100 notifications per day, 2 alarms per day, vibrate for 5 seconds , launch the app every day to sync data.
  • 5ATM water resistance rating: Xiaomi Mi Band 4C can work well in 50m underwater, which meets all your daily routines, can be used in showers, pools and dry, but not for saunas and diving.Remarkable is its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity (the only one it has), which allows you to communicate with the mobile app and receive incoming notifications on the phone.


Original Xiaomi Smart Band 4, Adult Unisex, Black, One Size

Original Xiaomi Smart Band 4, Adult Unisex, Black, One Size

  • Maximum battery life of 20 days the product is equ ipad or with a high-density lithium polymer battery, which can achieve a light weight and up to 20 days of battery life
  • Upgraded 0. 95 ” color display the more energy efficient oled displays can show more information with less power; at a glance, it can tell the name, number and sender information
  • Best for running when you activate active mode during activities such as running, it can measure gps route, calorie expenditure, speed and heart rate in real time. Has the ability to analyze exercise data, recommended for daily health and exercise
  • Sleep assist function with heart rate number if you sleep deeply, your heart rate will decrease. Sleep heart rate the sida measures heart rate during sleep and more accurately measures light and deep sleep patterns. Not compatible with daytime sleep
  • Daily step measurement heart rate monitoring you can use an accurate pedometer to measure changes in your heart rate every day. Update the step counting algorithm. Count your steps correctly. You can monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day to see when you are running. Real-time
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