▷ Differences between global version, global rom or Chinese version

Today, we go a bit out of the routine to explain in a clear and concise way a subject that many do not fully understand given its resemblance. We are talking about the differences in Global Version, Global ROM or Chinese Version.

global rom

Also you will learn to identify which version brings the Xiaomi cell phone you are going to buy, and in turn, you will know if it really has the b20 band (800 Mhz) mandatory for use of the 4G throughout Spain.

Difference between Xiaomi ROMs And how to know which one has a mobile?

To begin with, you should know that Xiaomi has up to 7 different ROMs android ROMs with MIUIthe difference? They have been specially modified to comply with the legislation and language of the region in which the mobile will be sold. And they are as follows:

  • Global Version “MI”
  • European Version “EU”
  • Chinese version “CN”
  • Indian version “IN”
  • Russian Version “RU”
  • Indonesian version “ID”
  • Mexico Version “MX”

Now then, how to know what version of MIUI your phone has? It is as simple as doing the following:

difference between global version and Indian version

  1. Go to Settings → My Device
  2. Inside look at the code in the section MIUI version
  3. Look it appears in the fourth and fifth letter. If it appears “EU” is a cell phone with the European Version or EEAon the other hand, if the nomenclature that appears is “CN”means Chinese version

miui explanation

If your phone is a telephone company usually put their “own rom” modified from the official one, and you can check this with the last two letters of the upper code, for example.

The differences between Xiaomi phones with Global ROM, Global Version or Chinese Version

Chinese Version

First of all “Chinese Version” is its vulgar name, since the correct one would be CN Version. And although its name suggests otherwise, it is the version prepared for cell phones sold at the entire Asian continentnot only in the Chinese country. Therefore, it only includes two languages Chinese e English


This one does NOT have Google Services and therefore, does not have access to the Play Store. In addition, does not support band B20so, in Spain it will be impossible to enjoy the 4G signal in remote areas of the city.

Global ROM

The following, is nothing more than a Chinese version with a Custom ROM installed. This, with the intention of including the Spanish language, in addition to the Google services and with it, the possibility of using the Play Store.

global rom

But… a smartphone with Global ROM it is still a Chinese cell phonewhich means that it may not be compatible with the B20 band.

If despite this, you decide to buy a smartphone with Global ROM, it is vital to know that Custom ROM has. And above all, know if the Bootloader is unlocked, remember that you will need it if the software fails badly

Global Version

And we come to the version suitable for the international marketthe Global Version. The smartphones that have this mark on their case, come with all languages. As well, they have incorporated Google servicesobviously, including the Play Store.

global version

We must not forget that these do have support for the B20 bandand, therefore, you will have 4G coverage even in the farthest town or area.

It should be noted that in this Global Version it is several ROMs are releasedas in the case of the European Versionwhich, although they share the same characteristics, the latter is better prepared for use throughout the European continent.

do you know the difference between the global version and the Indian version on your Xiaomi?

Well yes… besides the Global version, EEA version or any other version, the Indian version is VERY used by users thanks to the fact that this contains all the languages and also you can use call recording, a must for some users and that the Global ROM does not have.

Also the ROM India allows us to improve the sound of our phone, since they have other regulations in terms of decibel power, being quite noticeable even with headphones.

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