▷ How to find my lost Xiaomi device 【2022】

how to find my Xiaomi device? This is something you are surely wondering right now if you have lost it, or worse, it has been stolen. Well, nowadays there are several effective methods to locate a Xiaomi and Redmi cell phone and… let’s go to explain each one of them and even to block them or delete their content.

1. How to find my Xiaomi or Redmi mobile device with Miui, using Xiaomi Cloud

find my xiaomi device

To locate your lost cell phone with this method, you must have the “Find device“on your terminal. This option is enabled by default, but if you are reading this because you still have your phone, it is always a good idea to make sure that it is enabled:

  1. Go to Settings ⇨ My Account ⇨ Xiaomi Cloud
  2. Inside you will see the option “Find device

If in given case, the option was enabled, you would have to do the following from a computer, tablet or other cell phone:

  1. Log in to Xiaomi Cloud
  2. Log in with the Mi Account associated with the lost cell phone.
  3. When you are in go to “Find device”.
  4. Once done, you will see a map with the exact location of each device synchronized with that account.

locate lost xiaomi phone

For this to work, the device must be turned on and connected to the Internet, either by Wi-Fi or data; otherwise it will show you the last place where it was connected to the Internet.

NOTEif you have a model of the Mi A range (A1, A2, A3…), then, this method will not work for you because they do not have MIUI, but come with Android One and the process varies a bit

2. Locate any Xiaomi mobile with Google service

The following method works for all smartphones running Android, whether Xiaomi branded or not. Now, the procedure is as follows:

  1. From a PC go to www.google.com/android/find
  2. Log in with the email and password of the account you have on the lost phone.
  3. you’re done! Go to will show you the exact location of your cell phone on Google Maps.

locate lost xiaomi mobile phone

Of course, in order to locate your Xiaomi device to be effective, it must be connected to the Internet. Otherwise, the Google service will show the last location where you connected to the Internet.

How to remotely lock your phone if you have lost it

If you are already sure that you are not going to get that lost phone back, you can lock it so that no one can use it.

To block the phone we only have to go to the web site of Xiaomi Cloud as in the first step and once inside your account click on the button that says “Lost Mode”.

xiaomi lost mode

  • Once this mode is activated, the phone will be blocked when connected to the internet (you would have to enter your account password to unlock it).
  • The geolocation will be constantly updated. If the phone is turned off, an SMS will be sent to try to get it.
  • Payment cards will be automatically deleted

How to erase the contents of your phone if you have lost it

The last option you have to do if you have lost your phone is to erase the content. To do this, you simply click on the “erase data“and this will completely delete any documents, images, and everything you have on your phone.

This way no other person would be able to access the information on your phone.

Conclusion to find your cell phone and locate it

As you can see locate my Xiaomi could never have been easier and faster. And remember, never turn off the Find Device feature! You never know when you’ll need it.

Frequently asked questions and answers from people who have lost or had their phone stolen

where can I find my stolen Xiaomi phone?

You can log in and find your lost device on Xiaomi Cloud

how to erase data if I have lost my phone?

You can delete all your data from Xiaomi Cloud and erase all data on your Xiaomi

Enable find my device on Xiaomi

Head to Google settings/Security/Find my device and enable the find my lost device option.

can I track a lost Redmi cell phone or phone?

Yes. Just like any Xiaomi, you have the lost phone tracking service.

is it free to find my lost phone?

Yes. On Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco you will be able to locate your stolen or lost phone completely FREE.

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