▷ How to install TWRP Recovery on a Xiaomi smartphone

do you want to install the TWRP Recovery on your Xiaomi smartphone? Well, you probably want to do it to flash a Custom ROM, for example, but you are not too clear about the procedures to do so.

Install twrp on Xiaomi cell phone

TWRP Xiaomi

This is because, at first, it always gives us some distrust to make these movements in our devices, mainly if we do not understand too much about the subject of customization in smartphones or we have never done anything similar.

So, we wanted to disprove a little bit the supposed complication involved in the installation of the TWRP Recovery on your Xiaomi phoneit’s actually quite simple, as long as you follow the steps below, so that you can then have ROOT access via Magisk without any problems.

The first thing we must say regarding the installation of TWRP on Xiaomi is that you will be able to install a multilanguage MIUI ROM, and even one from Xiaomi.eu, so that you will have some google services that are beyond the normal scope, including adding the Play Store app store.

Therefore, at this point, we should know that we are dealing with one of the most widely used recoveries today. That is to say, TWRP has a really simple interface to manipulate, which will be very helpful when you have it installed, so that the smartphone will be completely customizable, where you can add support for many new features.

what are the steps to install Recovery TWRP on your Xiaomi smartphone?

The first thing you need to be clear about when starting the process of installing Recovery TWRP on your Xiaomi smartphone is that you must have the Bootloader unlocked which we were able to explain to you a while ago in this articlewhich also gives a series of relatively simple procedures that will not cause you any kind of problem.

Without further ado, the first step you will need to take is to download and install the appropriate drivers so that your computer is able to detect your mobile device. A good way to do this is from the aDB drivers pagewhich will work for any type of computer and with a very easy installation.

TWRP Xiaomi

have you already downloaded it? Well, the installation is more than simple. What you will have to do is unzip the file, and then run the small .exe software that will remain in the place where you have extracted it. In this way, the installation wizard will be on your screen and you will only have to press the “Y” key, which will represent “Yes”, to confirm the installation process, which by default will appear on the main hard disk.

will the did you install the ADB drivers? Now you will need to download the TWRP Recovery that will correspond to your specific mobile device. If you want to do so, you will have to access the official TWRP website or Xiaomi.eu or the TWRP image in relation to the smartphone model you have (tWRP official website).

If you downloaded the tWRP image on your deviceif you have a TWRP image, you must move it to the path where the ADB drivers were installed, which, as mentioned above, by default will appear on hard disk C. Once you have done this, you must rename the image to twrp.img.

install twrp on xiaomi

Once you are in the above selected path, you will need to press the shift key on your keyboard. At the same time, you must right-click on the file you have recently renamed. A menu with drop-down options will appear, where you should choose “Open PowerShell window here“, which will lead to a window with a blue background.

When you are in this section, it is always advisable to do the following a backup of all the important files on your Xiaomi phone. That is, to safeguard, in case of any eventuality, what you are most interested in your smartphone. Once you have done it, you will have to turn on your phone in Fastboot mode, so you must first turn it off. Once it’s off, turn it on by pressing the power button and the volume down button at the same time. If you have successfully booted it, you will need to connect via USB to your computer.

In this step, you will have to get to the blue background window that you had opened before, the one that indicated the PowerShell. There you will have to type the following command:

fastboot devices

If everything is OK, you will be shown which devices are connected to the computer, so it will detect one automatically.

We are almost done. Now, what you will have to enter is the command:

  • fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

recovery twrp xiaomi

This way you will be achieving the flashing of the recovery of your terminal, where you will only have to enter:

You will see that your mobile device will reboot and you will have the TWRP Recovery installed on your Xiaomi. Now to enter the new TWRP installed, you just have to press the power button and the volume up button.

TWRP download for all Xiaomi models

Videotutorial to install twrp on your Xiaomi

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