▷ How to read QR codes with your Xiaomi’s camera?

The camera app we have on Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices is actually, quite a bit more complete than we think. Not only do we have to limit ourselves to taking photos or videos, but we also have the opportunity to scan and digitize documents, as well as reading QR codes.

Learn how to scan QR codes with your Xiaomi phone and Miui

With Miui, we will be saving the installation of third-party apps which, many times, end up cluttering the internal memory of our phone, since in order to scan these codes we will not need any external app.

So how to read QR codes with Xiaomi camera?

The first method is simple and we won’t need any other app than the Xiaomi camera itself that it comes with by default.

  • To do this, the first thing to do is to choose photo mode and point the camera at the QR code we want to scan.
  • At the bottom right, a small icon should appear, which will take us to the link associated with the QR code.

read miui qr codes

  • Click on this link and that’s it!

In case we do not have this function active in our devicedo not worry. We have to do the following.

  • Enter the camera app and go to the option of settings (the top three lines on the right).
  • Find the option for scan QR codes and activate it.
  • If you don’t see this option, go to the “smart suggestions” option and there you will find “scan QR codes” and “document scanner”

read documents with the camera

Another option to read QR codes or documents with our Xiaomi and Redmi phone

The second method is to perform the reading of a QR code with the preinstalled Xiaomi app (scanner). It can usually be found in the Toolsand is usually bundled with other Miui apps.

miui document scanner

With this app, we have the option of digitize documents, such as our ID card, adjust the color scale and modify the dimensions of the scan and we even have the option to translate text (although, it must be said, the translation is usually not the best in the world).

  • For now, the Chinese version of this app gives access to more featuresalthough, for its main purpose, we can say that it fulfills perfectly.

Another way to enter this code reader (scanner) is from the part of the notifications bar as you can see in the following image (if the option does not appear, you will have to click on edit and move the shortcut to the top).

miui scanner

Third party QR code reader working on Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco

If for some strange reason, none of the above options for reading QR codes worked for you, we are going to leave you with a third-party app, which works YES or YES.

qr code reader

The application in question is called “QR Code Reader“and is created by Bacha Soft. The good thing about this application is that the codes you read, will be stored in a library, where you can see it tomorrow if you need to find one.

To install this application, just go to the Play Store and download it (from here), since it is freeand this way you will be able to read the so famous QR codes that everybody uses nowadays.

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