▷ How to take photos with the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

On this occasion we come to show you how to take photos with the Mi Band 5or rather to shoot the camera of your smartphone from the Xiaomi activity wristband, without downloading any third-party app and in less than 1 minute setup time.

How to take pictures from your smartphone with the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

This is possible thanks to the remote camera function included in the latest Mi Band bracelet. And to enjoy it you just need to do the following:

  1. Obviously first you will have to enable Bluetooth on your mobile (any brand)
  2. Then, you will have to synchronize or pair your Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with the application My Fit (or failing that the Amazfit app). You have to go to the options from within the application until you find laboratory and inside you will find settings of the camera and activate.
  3. Once done open the camera application on your cell phone.
  4. Now go to configuration of your Mi Band 5, and select the section “camera remote control“in the plus option.
  5. camera mi band 5
  6. ready! You will be able to use your cell phone camera from your wristband to take selfies group selfies and so on, without asking anyone for help.
  7. You will get a white circle will appear on the Mi Band 5 (just like you have on the normal phone camera) and just by pressing it, the picture will jump to your phone.

This tutorial is very useful when you need help to take a picture and there is no one nearby, because you can leave the phone on a stand and take this picture remotely even hiding the mi band.

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