10 alternatives to OnlyFans to earn money with adult content

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As of October 1, the OnlyFans platform will not allow sexually explicit content. This paid online platform allows users to interact with their favorite artists and access exclusive content, something that has ended up evolving mostly in disseminating sexually explicit content, which is what has now been announced that will no longer be allowed, though will allow the publication of videos and images containing nudity.

OnlyFans will ban sexually explicit content from October 1

Fortunately for those who wish to continue to earn income through OnlyFans, or continue to pay for it, there are a few alternatives to OnlyFans that, for the time being, do allow sexually explicit content to be posted, accessible upon payment of the fee to subscribers.

-AVN Stars: In addition to the subscription model it allows individual sale of videos and images, offers instant messaging service and allows to get tips from fans. AVN is one of the most important and long-lived companies in the world of audiovisual porn and keeps 20% of the income of content creators.

-FanCenter: Very similar to OnlyFans, subscribers can subscribe to the channels of their (mostly female) content creators. The percentage that the platform takes is 25% of the subscription (OnlyFans keeps 20%). After the announcement of OnlyFans from FanCentro have announced that users of the first platform can migrate the second in a simple way their content.

-Justforfans: They were quick to respond to the OnlyFans announcement by reminding us that this platform is made up almost entirely of sex and porn industry professionals and that they will continue to allow sexually explicit content to be posted. The platform keeps 30% of the profits.

-InkedGirls: This niche subscription content platform specializes in tattooed female content creators.

-IsMyGirl: It offers personalized subscriptions being able to receive videos, messages and live content, also allowing fans to offer tips to content creators. The platform gets 20% of the transactions.

-IsMyGuy: Very similar in operation to the rest of these platforms, its specialty is in content generated by male authors. In fact, its name “Is My Guy” could be translated as “It’s My Guy”.

-LoyalFans: The platform keeps 20% of the revenue earned by content creators, who have been assured by a recent statement that they will be able to continue to share sexually explicit content with their subscribers by allowing “all forms of consensual and creative expression.”

-ManyVids: Depending on the type of content this platform takes between 20% and 40%. The content includes personalized videos for subscribers, various subscription options such as text or voice chats, product shop, contests… Some users complain that at the moment there is no scheduling option for content publication.

-MyGirlFund: Specializing in one-on-one chats, content creators can also offer personalized services where they share images or videos. Creators receive 1 credit (equivalent to $1.80) for each message they reply to.

-MYM.fans: This platform in which its users subscribe to channels where they access exclusive content, has a strong implantation in Europe, especially in the French market.

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