10 cooperative and multiplayer games to play together

Nowadays the vast majority of games already have an online multiplayer mode, which usually focuses on the competitive scene even within family games. However, we can still find numerous rates that emphasize a more relaxed type of experience, with numerous cooperative games designed to help bond our family and friends.

Reason why we decided to create this little compilation that some of the best cooperative games currently available, including ten titles published in recent years. However, as always, we urge you to share other games you think relevant in the comments in the interests of other readers.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Starting with a somewhat atypical game for cooperative games, the collaboration between these two Nintendo franchises and Ubisoft brings us a game of turn-based strategic battles in the purest XCOM style, perfect for chatting or anytime to stop. In addition, it is characterized by a simple but challenging game, with a challenge that starts out simple but gradually gets more complicated until it involves seriously multi-level battles and boss fights.

Put your wits to the test and strategize together in this exclusive title for Nintendo Switch.

If we like this adventure, it’s also a perfect starter before the start of the next edition, which will be unveiled during Ubisoft Forward at E3 2021 and will arrive next year.

A way out

Two brothers, two players and two goals: escape from prison and rebuild their lives. This exciting story will keep you on your toes through an ever fresh, unique, and immersive experience as you gradually immerse yourself in the personal lives and thoughts of both characters and the motivations that guide their interactions with others. All of this accompanied by some powerful cinematographic scenes that will help us complete this impressive storyline.

Immerse yourself in this immersive and unforgettable experience for two, available on PC (Steam and Origin), PS4 and Xbox One.

It takes two

From the same makers as A Way Out, this delivery of a more casual and crazy character comes to us, with a platform game developed exclusively for cooperative play (both online and locally) by the young Cody and May being transformed into little dolls were. Together, they must reluctantly try to save their broken relationship in order to escape the fantasy world they are trapped in, where the unpredictable and danger await at every turn.

Tighten the ties and trust your partner in this adventure for two, available on PC (Steam and Origin), PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.


Join this pair of dogs on this puzzle platform adventure … literally. And so united through the stomach it is important to bark, bite and jump over obstacles in the themed worlds, which are based on the three pillars of life: eating, napping and playing. Originally designed for cooperative play between two people, we can also enjoy this carefree game in single mode and put our coordination to the test.

Prove two heads are better than one in this fun title available for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Brothers – A Story of Two Sons

One of my favorites from this selection of cooperative games is without a doubt this emotional performance. We accompany two brothers on an epic journey worthy of fairy tales and worst nightmares, and at the same time we have to take control of both characters, perform all kinds of mechanics, solve different puzzles and traverse the different platform scenarios.

With slightly different controls and gameplay for each platform, we can enjoy this powerful story on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, as well as Android and iOS phones.

Overcooked y Overcooked 2

Another of my favorites on this list of cooperative games. With a dynamic as simple as cooking and delivering customer orders, this cooperative game teaches us the great challenge of keeping order in a kitchen under pressure. It is important to know how to coordinate with everyone to follow the recipes and not to collide or block the way. Especially when these kitchens are in crazy environments like a volcano, the North Pole, a haunted house, or moving boats and cars.

And fun is guaranteed, because there always comes the point where the sum of all of this becomes the most chaotic, absurd and funniest situations. If you are looking for something nice, fun, but also challenging, you definitely have to try one of these games.

We currently find the two deliveries separately and one in a single compilation title, which is available for PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S is available, although we may find it adapted and improved for the next generation of consoles.

Rayman legends

This excellent action platformer can be played cooperatively by up to four people. Rayman Legends is visually pretty pretty, with a flashy color scheme. In addition, the phases hold many challenges and a large number of levels have to be mastered. It can be ready in about ten hours, but if you are very adventurous and want to do it all, you have more than enough content.

This game was released a few years ago and is still available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U, although the game has been kept alive with updated support for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Keep talking and no one will explode

The dynamic is simple: there’s a bomb in the room and nobody wants it to explode. However, only one player can see and be responsible for the bomb, while the rest of the contestants must be responsible for reading the manual and trying to tell them what to do. With this interesting suggestion, this game succeeds in consolidating a cooperative experience with different levels of difficulty, in which a curious interaction arises between all players.

Currently we can find this game on all platforms including PC (compatible for Windows, Linux and Mac), PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and even two additional versions for Android and iOS devices.

Also, as a personal experience, I recommend that those of you who have a VR glasses system try out one of the compatible versions of this game as it will greatly increase the fun (and excitement) of local gaming.

Don’t starve together

This part, dubbed one of the best survival games, has completely made the title one of the most challenging cooperative games out there. And this game doesn’t have any tutorials or aids whatsoever, forcing us to use our own ingenuity and intuition to try to survive in a group.

However, the difficulty goes a step beyond physical survival. Besides not starving us (as the title suggests), we will face other adversities such as bad weather, the change of seasons and the resulting lack of resources and even our own mental stability.

Currently we can find this game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


To continue this darker theme, we cannot miss this original atmospheric title in which we will have to work in a group designed for two to four players to take on the daunting challenge of gathering evidence or elements that will help us identify each species of mind. In addition, we will have some very interesting additions such as proximity voice chat built into the game itself that will help us to have an immersive experience.

Face the paranormal in this PC game available on Steam and add VR system compatibility.

GTA V Online

Finally, we’re adding an additional title to our selection of cooperative games with a slightly different selection.

And as streamers from all over the world have shown us, this game can be played in a fun way through an immersive role-playing experience, if you rely on the enormous possibilities that this city of life offers us to be able to assume different roles, from organized crime gangs or law enforcement agents to more general jobs like salespeople or taxi drivers to other insane jobs like running a casino.

Best of all, however, is undoubtedly the enormous freedom in the choice of platform that is available for the previous two console generations, in addition of course for the new generation and the PC.

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