10 European online storage services as an alternative to Dropbox

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Storing information in the cloud is an option that many businesses and individuals have already used to keep their information secure. Given the frequency, many cloud storage services have concerns about making the packages and cost of these services increasingly accessible. for the user, but always striving to maintain standard levels of security that allow the person to be confident that their data is in good hands.

While companies like Google are some of the most well-known and superbly positioned in the market with Google Drive and Dropbox Cloud, they are by far the best cloud storage services out there in terms of security and storage space, with plenty of services to discover . Here is a list of 10 European cloud storage services for you to choose the best Alternatives to Dropbox.

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1- pCloud

pCloud is a cloud storage service that offers you a large online storage space in the most secure way in the market. This is mainly a service that is compatible with most of the operating systems such as Windows Linux macos. For mobile devices such as Android or iOS, it offers storage volumes from 500 GB to 2 TB for users and for companies an adaptable system that adapts its rate to the number of employees or users who each have 1 TB available and give you the option Choosing the payment quota you want either monthly, yearly, or even a lifetime contract that you can get through a single payment.If you are the person considering using this type of service for an extended period of time, this option means a significant saving

pcloud 1

In terms of security, pCloud maintains a 256-bit encryption system for all stored files, a system that is currently the most advanced. Not many companies have such a system for their files, and you can even add another layer of security with a service they provide called pCloud Encryption so that you can have data on your computer that is encrypted and can only be accessed with a password that you have.

pcloud alternative

However, one of the special features of pCloud is its versatility. It has an option that allows the user to install an extension on the browser that will help back up information directly from the browser. So, if the user is surfing the Internet and wants to save information under pictures, videos, audios and even texts, you can easily save them directly to your cloud. Besides pCloud, it is one of the few services that can help you secure your social networks.

Visit their page for more information: https://www.pCloud.com/es/Europe

2- mega

It is one of the most talked about in the world and will always be known for its past. It is a service that focuses on cloud storage. One of the features that make it more notable is the amount of free storage that allows the user to have 50GB of storage without paying. It enables secure storage of information and a relatively easy way to share it. All you have to do is share the link of the mega-file and that’s it. To do this, you can add an extra level of security by assigning passwords to these links.

Mega cloud

That being said, Mega 4 offers monthly payment plans that allow you to increase your storage and file transfer capacity up to a maximum of 16TB.

Mega 2

Visit her page for more information: https://mega.nz/

3- HiDrive

It is a cloud storage solution developed by web domain provider Ionos that offers a fairly affordable storage service. It does not offer the option of free use like other storage devices, but allows 100 GB of use for only 1 euro per month and can be expanded up to 1 250 GB at its substantial rate of 3 euros per month. The solutions presented to the companies allow 10 users to work simultaneously with an encryption system that allows maximum security for company files and a storage volume of 2 TB.

HiDrive Cloud

It is a very versatile service that can be used in Windows and Mac operating systems through desktop applications or through the website. In turn, it can be used on mobile devices with iOS Windows Phone 7 and Android systems and can be accessed. The storage is compatible with offline files with the latest version synchronized with your device. You can add more users to your private account if you want to free up the storage. Each user has their own folder for their files.

HiDrive 2 Cloud

Visit their page for more information: https://www.ionos.com/office-solutions/hidrive-cloud-storage

4- Zettabox

It is a cloud storage service whose main attraction and characteristic is that it is fully compatible in Europe due to the cloud storage rules that apply in many European countries. A stricter Zettabox wants to be a service that adapts to everyone and also wants to promote the European online storage industry, which has been quite rare so far.

The user can manage his account so that he can decide where his information should be stored on servers in Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt, London and Madrid. Several options are available to the user.

There are three modes in its service: a free one that allows 5 GB of storage space for individual users, an account for 5 people with 5 TB of storage space, and the one for companies that allows almost unlimited storage space that any budget company.

Visit her page for more information: zettabox.com

5- Tresorit

with offices in Switzerland and Hungary is a cloud storage service whose specialty or main feature is the extreme encryption of your files. The use of the end-to-end encryption system allows encrypted files to be sent from the start, providing more security when transferring information, they allow files up to 20GB in size to be transferred, which also provides a high level of security . The links via which the information is passed on are protected by a password. A date can be assigned to the link’s expiry date. After a certain time, the information in this link will no longer be visible. This is a level of security that this service ensures not only for your website, but also for your applications for both desktop and mobile phones. Your information is always safe.

Tresorit Cloud

Tresorit has plans for individual users and businesses. For individual users, it doesn’t have a free basic account like other competing companies, it just offers the service of sending files up to a maximum size of 5GB, a premium account that allows for 500GB of cloud storage and the single package that expanded it to 2500 GB of storage.

Tresorit screenshot

It offers 3 tariffs for companies, which not only allow more storage space but also the use of several users. This is the simplest company, Small Business that allows 1TB of storage per user and use from 3 to 9 users, Business that allows more than 10 users, and Enterprise that already allows use on a much larger scale that more than 100 users allows users

Tresorit tool

Visit the page for more information: https://tresorit.com/

6- Cloudme

This online storage service from Sweden is one of the many Dropbox alternatives that currently exist. Cloudme offers cloud storage that enables file synchronization between multiple devices and enables users to either share and access their content with each other or with people outside the service. In addition, Cloudme enables file sharing via Facebook, email, Google, and even text messages.

The Cloudme service does not offer free cloud storage plans, but does offer plans that are customized for each user. The minimum prices are between € 1 per month or € 10 per year and the storage capacity varies between 10 GB and 5 GB TB depending on the selected rate.

There are two types of rates, personal, which provides storage from 10GB to 500GB, and business, which provides storage from 1TB to 5TB, which also allows multiple users and 100GB storage each.

Cloud me

Cloud Me plans

Cloudme is also very efficient and secure in terms of security, as it works with its own data center AND hardware. Since it is located in Europe, they are protected by Europe’s strict data protection laws.

Visit their page for more information: https://www.cloudme.com/es#

7- Hornetdrive

HornetDrive Cloud

This German cloud storage platform offers its users the ability to share / collaborate their data, have the information at any time without the need for an internet connection due to their mobile usage, and to make a backup of all uploaded files and excellent data protection as the data are encrypted several times before uploading to the cloud, the encryption they use is AES-256, the highest.

Hornetdrive refers to “data working together” as different users can be invited to a single drive. All data in Hornetdrive are not only in the cloud, but also locally on the user’s PC.

HornetDrive 2

Hornetdrive only has 30 days of free cloud storage with only 100 GB. After this test phase (and if you want to continue with the service) you have to choose between two packages, the company with 10 GB of storage or the company with a storage of 100 GB.

Visit the page for more information: https://www.hornetdrive.com/es/


This cloud storage service was developed by OVH, a French company. The applications of this service are very similar to those of the other cloud storage services. It offers the possibility to synchronize the data with any device the user owns, to share files and folders (via a link) with other users, to save an unlimited number of file types, provided that their name does not exceed 48 characters, and to have a copy Security for all user files. It is one of the alternatives to Dropbox that is gaining strength in Europe.

Hubic Cloud

hubiC offers 25 GB of cloud storage free of charge, which can be expanded to 55 GB via a recommendation system. Hub is currently offering 100 GB for € 10 per year or 10 TB for € 50 per year.

Hubic Cloud

In terms of security, all HubiC data is copied AND sent to servers in OVH’s high security centers, and all data transmissions are protected by the SSL protocol.

Visit the page for more information: https://hubic.com/es/

9- Cozy

It is a French company that sees itself as a digital home that offers users secure, decentralized and smart storage that allows them to upload all of their information, from bills to bank accounts to paying the social security, to one personal area that can be viewed from any device. In addition to the free cloud storage, cozy has other applications that users can manage.

This is a free storage service forever until you decide to purchase other options such as: B. want to increase the storage space or save your data. Their prices range from € 2.99 per month to € 9.98 per month.

Cloud Cozy App

As with hubiC, all data is protected in OVH centers.

Visit their page for more information: https://cozy.io/es/

10- Livedrive

This cloud storage service belongs to J2 Global. This service offers online backups as well as unlimited storage space and synchronization with any mobile device owned by the user.

LiveDrive Cloud

Livedrive recognizes files that don’t need to be backed up in the cloud. These can be very large files or cache files.

In terms of security, Livedrive is managed with a 256-bit AES encryption system, which provides a very high level of security for all files, as well as servers with a georedundancy system that protects them from natural disasters. Also worth highlighting is the backup system, a system that automatically backs up the files on your PC so you don’t have to worry about something happening to your physical devices as all your information is safe in the cloud with the best security.


Livedrive offers all of its features through plans that range from € 6.99 per month, the base that offers unlimited storage and backup for just one PC account, up to € 15 per month, the Pro plan that includes support for 5 Briefcase offers accounts AND mobile devices and 5000 GB of storage.

Visit their page for more information: https://www2.livedrive.com/es/Home


Already submitted a rating 10 best cloud storage alternatives to DropboxWe can see that there aren’t necessarily a few companies trying to position themselves as the best in the storage market, each with its own different approach. Some try to stand out in terms of security, others in terms of storage to adapt to the needs of businesses, but the pCloud is one of the most secure services that can be offered in this area, whether you have a cloud Looking for storage for personal use or a more professional one. pCloud is the option that suits you best.

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