10 wireless controls to play on console, PC and cell phone

Aside from the perpetual debate about whether it is better to play on a console or a PC, we can find a small common point for both players: the controls. Despite the fact that we have had an almost mandatory separation from these peripherals for years, more and more users are opting for this standard.

And despite the fact that we don't always find full compatibility for all titles, it's already normal to see the integration of these controllers on platforms like Steam or the special user interface optimization in some games like Final Fantasy XIV. However, one of the major disadvantages of this type of multi-platform controller is that it is normally connected to use and connection via cable, which limits its convenience and possibilities to some extent.

So we wanted to make this little compilation with some of them The most popular and compatible wireless controllers for consoles, computers and mobile devices. Before we start, we would like to point out that this is not an ordered list based on the quality or preference of some controls over others, as the final choice always remains in the hands (never better) of the player himself.

Logitech F710

Loghitech F710 Wireless Controller PS4 PC

Starting from one of the strangest options in this list, we find this remote under the back of a major brand like Logitech, which despite the past few years still offers tremendous ease of use and compatibility.

In addition to maintaining a classic distribution for your buttons and joysticks, this command provides additional profiler software support that allows us to reconfigure and customize the gamepad, and even add keyboard and mouse input.

In addition, it is the only controller on this list that runs on removable batteries. Although they limit us to the known dependency on them, we can "charge" and use the remote at any time and in seconds.

However, it should be noted that as cheaper controls, it will also be possible to find some drawbacks. The first of these is its size, slightly smaller and shorter than most models. Although it undoubtedly highlights the fact that it can only be connected via a 2.4 GHz frequency, it can find interference or problems if other devices are connected around it. In addition, its use is limited to the recipient's dependency, so its use would be limited to consoles and computers only.

As I said, we can currently only find this remote control on Amazon and PcComponentes 33.99 eurosA price that is not only affordable, but also more than rewarded.

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro Wireless Controller PC switch

In recent years, we've seen a huge surge and turn of retro titles and remasters from all platforms. And how could you relive these moments better than with a command that corresponds to the time, but with all the advantages and benefits of the current game.

We find one of the company's most complete controllers with a design that mimics the classic SNES controls, which include a cruciform D-pad and the four traditional face buttons, to which two analog joysticks are added, middle section and rear trigger.

Despite the discontinuity of the 2.4 GHz variant, this remote control is compatible with practically any Bluetooth-enabled platform that is optimized for Windows, MacOS, Android, Nintendo Switch and even Raspberry Pi.

Unfortunately, the company is currently sells its products only in America, via Amazon and BestBuy, so that the distribution in Europe was somewhat restricted. However, it is still possible to find the remote control through some distributors such as PcComponentes, with prices close to each other $ 44.99.

Newskill Arkadia

Newskill Arkadia PS4 PC Switch Wireless Controller

With a nuance geared more towards a secondary controller than a professional controller, we once again highlight one of the peripheral devices previously analyzed on this website.

In addition to the additional lighting, the first thing that strikes us about this controller is the similarity to the PS4 controller, even if there is a front touch panel with which we can enjoy a comprehensive experience for Sony games. The greatest strength of this controller is undoubtedly its connectivity, which enables us to connect it to the PS4 with ease. Thanks to the integration of Bluetooth 2.1 or PC a, compatibility with mobile devices and the portable Nintendo Switch console is increased both via cable and via WLAN.

Thus, the Newskill Arkadia remains below the price of the original PS4 controller, which is available on the brand's official website 49.95 euros.

DualShock 4

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller PS4 Mobile PC

Little can be added that the original controller of the current generation of Sony consoles is no longer known. And it's the same design as its predecessors. It is now one of the most complete controls with analog joysticks and improved triggers, an integrated accelerometer and gyroscope system with high sensitivity and its characteristic touch panel forward.

Although undoubtedly one of the great advantages of this command is that it has a really simple Bluetooth pairing system outside of its console, which allows us to use it wirelessly on any computer and mobile phone, in addition to the USB cable connection.

This remote control is available from most local retailers such as PcComponentes, Game, Fnac or El Corte Inglés or Carrefour and offers an even wider range of colors and special editions from 59.90 euros.

Steam regulator

Steam controller 2

As one of the most popular and most hated projects and as we explained in our review, the valve controller is "unique". And the fact is that the game company was characterized by a highly customizable controller, a slightly special ergonomic design, and an almost complete redistribution of its distribution, which included a single analog stick and a few main buttons that were moved to the lower central area.

Therefore, it is impossible not to notice the huge round fields that complete the remote control, the functions of which are intended to cover the second joystick and the crosshead, with a larger number of sensors and positions, which have contributed to a 360 ° direction to cover in a highly precise manner. . Some peculiarities that, although making it very enjoyable in some games of the last generation, were much more complex when faced with more classic titles.

Unfortunately, Steam is currently out of command, making it a little more difficult to find available units. Although it has already been announced that the company is working on the next arrival of an improved version.

Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch Pro Wireless Controller PC

We know that one of the great innovations introduced by the Nintendo console is the Joy-Con, a very versatile solution that allows you to enjoy new ways of playing, but traditional controls like the Switch Pro continue to be indispensable for most games Therefore, it is an essential addition for any Nintendo Switch buyer.

Back to support: It is important to note that although we can connect the controller to the PC via a USB Type-C connection, we cannot use it in this way, since this protocol does not allow this. Fortunately, thanks to Blutooth connectivity, we can not only pair with computers, but also work with ease on Windows and Mac computers, as well as on any Android device.

It is therefore a great option for those who play the portable console in dock mode and enjoy the game on other platforms as well. While this doesn't mean that we absolutely need to be a Nintendo user, as this is an equally attractive option for these secondary platforms.

This Pro control is currently available from various distributors such as Amazon or PcComponentes at a price of 69.99 euros.

Xbox One controller

Xbox One Controller Wireless controller PC Xbox One Mobile

One of the players' most popular options is the original Xbox One controller. In addition to compatibility with the console itself, thanks to the support of Microsoft, we find one of the controls with greater compatibility for computers

In addition, it is the only external controller that has special compatibility within Steam. The display of this key distribution is one of the major problems for DualShock 4 users. Finally and now even more present with the arrival of Project xCloud, we will also find full connection compatibility for mobile phones.

In addition to other local distributors, we can find this remote control in the Microsoft Store itself at a price of 59.99 euros. However, if we want a wireless connection outside of Bluetooth, we have to resort to a small additional 2.4 GHz accessory that is only sold with some editions of the remote control or sold individually.

Xbox Elite controller

Xbox Elite Controller Wireless controller PC Xbox One Mobile

However, if we want an optimal gaming experience, we can always go a step beyond the original model and opt for the professional version. And, as its own name suggests, it is an elite controller with a large number of additional functions for digital and physical adaptation of the controller.

The first thing that stands out is the update of his traditional crosshead, which is modified by a rounded and structured plate that allows us to extend his movements to the diagonals. Though no doubt the big changes are in the background, with the addition of four lever buttons where we can assign some special button functions.

In addition, we will also find some improvements in the triggers, with the ability to customize three tactile travel options; or adding two additional sockets and buttons in the upper middle section. In the middle front part of the controller there is a small tab with which we can immediately switch between the two customizable profiles of the controller in order to adapt to the different requirements of each game or player.

Finally, the latest version of this controller gives us the ability to play on Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth or USB-C, improve the connectivity of the first model and use it on Xbox, PC and mobile consoles.

Like the company's other peripherals and controls, this control is available through the Microsoft web shop at a price that will increase up to that price 179.99 euros, but that will more than reward the most demanding players.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro

Nacon Revolution Unlimited PS4 PC Wireless Controller

We find a somewhat special pro controller, which, although it has some additions compared to conventional controllers, is characterized by a series of lights and shadows, as this device type lacks some fundamental optimizations.

One of the greatest strengths of this controller is the integration of up to four configuration profiles, with which we can quickly change the button settings using a button on the back. However, the profiles are changed one after the other, so that in some cases we need more than one click and additional time.

Similarly, we will also make a small adjustment for the controller hardware, with a little extra accessory to slightly increase the height of both joysticks. Contrary to what stands out, the fact is that there is a traditional crosshead, for the improvement of which we will have no additional accessories.

Fortunately, the positive points rebalance the balance in your favor, as there are four additional and customizable buttons on the back of the gripper horns of the controller, a position that isn't the most commonly used position is easily accessible. In addition, these horns also hide a hole in which we can accommodate up to three different weights to further customize the user experience.

Originally optimized for PS4 and despite a front touch panel, it is still strange that this command has more similarities to the distribution of Microsoft controllers, with which consoles are unfortunately not compatible. Fortunately, unlike other previous controls in his family, this time we'll have a Bluetooth connection, it will be expanded for cell phones.

This product is available from some local retailers like BigBenShop or PcComponentes and this time offers a slightly higher price from 169 euros, Although we can find really good performance and features, we would expect more features and compatibility.

Razer Raiju Ultimate

Razer Raiju Ultimate Wireless Controller PC PS4 Xbox One Mobile

At the end of the list, one of the most comprehensive professional managers we have been able to test is introduced. With a slightly larger and heavier structure than conventional controls, it offers us an ergonomic design and materials that greatly favor the grip, as well as up to five buttons, interchangeable and additional interchangeable joysticks, which allow comprehensive adaptation for every type of player and every game.

Among other things, we have up to two additional buttons in the upper middle part of the remote control between the triggers. and two toggle buttons on the back of the controller, all of which are customizable to perform simple actions as well as some key and function combinations. In addition, we find small adjustable stops to shorten the stroke and the response of the triggers.

Although one of the most useful aspects of this command is the inclusion of a small control panel with configuration buttons on the lower front, through which we can control the switching between profiles, change the RGB lighting of the touch panel and force synchronization wirelessly or simply lock the control panel to to avoid accidental contacts.

In the area of ​​connectivity, we find a really broad spectrum via Bluetooth and cable with compatibility with the PC (Windows and Mac) as well as with PS4 and Xbox consoles and all mobile devices.

In the latter case, there will be a dedicated application that will allow us to configure and customize the various profiles and functions of the remote control, which will be stored directly in the remote control memory and applied to your use on all platforms.

We currently find the Razer Raiju Ultimate in the Razer webshop and at other online retailers such as Amazon at a price of 199.99 euros. Although the price may seem a bit high at first glance, it is actually not too far from other professional high-end controls and offers numerous functions and extras.

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