12 conclusions from 2022

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When the month of December arrives, it seems obligatory to review the year about to end in order to try to draw conclusions, reflections, lessons that these twelve months may have brought.

From the most transcendent chapters of History to the most singular anecdotes, 2022 faces its final straight leaving lessons, data and diverse knowledge

Some of them will have reached everyone because they are based on events, novelties, developments or discoveries made in this current year, others were already there (perhaps for centuries) but their knowledge has arrived now because they had never been noticed before. Some of these teachings or discoveries are mere anecdotes and curiosities, others involve drastic changes or affect the lives of many people.

These are some of the lessons left by the year 2022, a year that among other things has seen an invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Winter Olympic Games in Beijing and a historic Football World Cup in Qatar that, for the first time and due to the climatology of the country, is held in winter and not in summer:

The inhabitants of the United Kingdom and Australia present a majority tendency to. turn to the left when entering a building, while in the United States the majority tendency is to turn right.

It is no longer necessary to know how to draw but it is enough to know how to describe in some detail for an artificial intelligence to illustrate a fantasy, a dream or a memory.

Eliza Rose has been the first female DJ to reach number 1 in 20 years.

The use of ellipses in writing is more common in texts whose authors belong to Generation X and Baby Boomers, while it is infrequent and can even be considered passive aggressive for digital native writers.

70% of Generation Z viewers prefer. watch videos with subtitleswhich has caused the streaming platform Netflix to reinforce its subtitle inclusion team for the series “Stranger Things”.

37% of the world’s population, i.e. nearly 3 billion people, have never used the Internet. according to data from the International Telecommunication Union.

A duel between Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi may not taste like much while a series about a secondary character in the Star Wars universe in which the Force is not even mentioned can be fascinating.

American motor racing driver Ross Chastain managed to qualify for a race by using a move that. he learned at the age of eight playing with his Nintendo console.

In spite of the demanding obligation by marriage contract to. to maintain sexual relations with Jennifer Lopez four times a week, Ben Affleck seems to be alive and well.

Data centers located in Ireland Will consume 29 % of electricity production of the country in 2028.

Violence is never the answer, not even when in the middle of an Academy Awards ceremony. an actor stands up to slap the presenter Who makes a joke about the alopecia of the former’s wife.

The Queen Elizabeth II was not eternal.

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