12 tricks and shortcuts for more precise searches on Google

Google is the world’s leading Internet search engine and offers more than 4 million searches per minute. It’s a gigantic library where you can find almost anything.

Using these Google search tricks, it is possible to refine your search to find all types of content

Google hides some secret games and tricks, as well as some search tricks that can be used to refine searches or find more specific results in the search engine. Here are some tips and shortcuts to get more out of Google search.

– “This or that”: If the word “OR” is inserted between two terms, Google will return results for both words. For example, you could search for “Community Manager OR Social Media” and get results for both on the same search results page.

-Exclude termination: Sometimes when you search for a term you get related results that are of no interest. To exclude a term from the results, you can insert the symbol “-” between the words. For example: “Social Media Manager”.

-All words: To find a web page that contains all the words you are looking for, you can use the “allintext:” command in front of the words. In this way it is possible to conduct searches like: “allintext: remote freelance work”. It is also possible to search pages for the words in the title by typing “allintitle:” or in the URL with “allinurl:”.

-Search within a website: It is possible to search for a specific term only within a website. To do this, you have to write: «site: www.trecebits.com« SEO for YouTube ». This will show you all the results that match on a single website.

-Related searches: To find pages, blogs or content that is similar to a website, you can search for the following address: «related: trecebits.com».

-Left: To find content that has links to a specific page, you can google: “link:” and enter the name of the page to display any content that has a link to that page. For example: “Link: 13 Bit”.

-Find definitions: Although it is very easy to access one of the many online dictionaries on the Internet, Google can also be used as a dictionary with the following command: «define:».

-Unknown words: Google also has the ability to fill in “gaps” if, for example, you want to search for a title but one of the words is missing. To fill in these gaps, you can add “*” to have Google place the missing word.

-Local News: It is also possible to search for news on a topic in a specific location. You can use the “location:” command to do this. For example, in France, you can search for news on social media by using: “Social media location: France”.

-Records: The Google search engine can also identify certain types of files, e.g. B. to search for content and only the results that contain a PDF file are displayed. For this you have to use “Files of type:”. For example: “Social Media” file type: pdf.

-Timer: Google also has a timer that can come in handy if you don’t have a watch on hand to cook with or keep track of the time of an activity. For example, to create a 20-minute timer, you would type in Google: “20-minute timer”.

-Chronometer: For those who want to keep track of time, Google has a stopwatch by typing “stopwatch” in the search bar.

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