12 useful functions to manage on your Samsung Galaxy

Samsung remains the world’s largest seller of cell phones above the almighty Apple with its iPhones and everything that comes from other Asian manufacturers. The South Korean firm covers all market segments with its Samsung Galaxy line, from entry-level M series handsets to the mid-range with the A series, the S series for the high-end and the special Xcover for those looking for greater strength and durability. As icing on the cake, the manufacturer offers the recently updated foldable Fold and Flip.

If you are a Samsung mobile user, you will know that the manufacturer includes a lot of services and applications with the proprietary One UI interface on Android, which goes far beyond a simple software layer. This leads to the fact that some useful functions can go unnoticed. Today we are going to remind you of twelve of them to improve the user experience, productivity or security.. They are just one example of the immense number of features present in these mobiles.

12 Samsung Galaxy features you need to know about.

Lift your phone to activate it

Samsung phones can detect when you pick it up using the sensors inside, so you can instantly access the lock screen and unlock the device without pressing the power button. To enable the feature, go to Settings > Advanced features > Motions & gestures and enable Lift to activate. From there the screen will turn on when you pick up the device.

Power button to start the camera.

Taking pictures and video has become one of the preferred tasks on a smartphone. Samsung Galaxy can quickly launch the camera and without having to unlock the device. Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Motions & Gestures and activate ‘Camera Quick Launch’.

Samsung Galaxy

Double tap turns screen on/off

The Galaxy screen – like other mobiles – can be turned on/off by double-tapping the touch screen. It is activated in Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures. There are other useful tasks in this section such as sliding the edge of one hand across the screen to take a screenshot.

Saves power

Autonomy is an essential point in any mobility device. To maximize battery life go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery and activate ‘Power Saving’. This function limits the use of selected apps, turns the wallpaper to black and stops additional features such as Edge panels. You can additionally manage the ‘always on’ display feature, limit CPU speed, reduce brightness or even disable 5G.

Edge panels

It was at the time one of the innovative features of the Samsung Galaxy and even opened a series of terminals with the same name. It works by extending the side of the screen to access an applications panel, where you can pin your favorite apps, contacts, tasks or others, for quick access. Very, very useful. It is activated in Settings > Display > Edge Contents.

Quick Unlock

A good way to unlock the terminal is by fingerprint. Go to Settings > Security & privacy > Biometric data > Fingerprints and check ‘Fingerprint always on’. This will allow the phone to read your fingerprint even when the screen is off, so there is no need to press the power button and go to the lock screen.

Automatic optimization

Handsets with One UI 5 or higher have a new automatic optimization feature that checks for proper operation and optimizes them to improve performance and eliminate errors. This function performs various adjustments such as closing apps in the background, cleaning the memory and eliminating temporary caches that could be causing problems. Its activation is very simple and is performed from the general settings > Device maintenance.

Hide private albums

One of the best features of the Samsung Gallery app is the ability to hide albums containing sensitive content. To do this, simply open the app, go to the Albums tab, tap the three-dot menu and Hide albums. Select the ones you want to hide by tapping the relevant switch.

Secure Folder

Most Samsung phones come with a special folder that works as a kind of digital vault to store your photos, videos, confidential documents and generally the most sensitive content in a separate and protected area of your phone. You can find it in Settings > Security & privacy > Secure folder.

Sound profile

Everyone’s ears are different and sometimes it is difficult to find the best sound quality with increasingly thinner mobiles that leave no room for good speakers or a quality sound chip for headphones. If you find that the sound output is not satisfactory, you should know that on Galaxy phones you can create a custom sound profile. Go to Settings > Sounds & Vibrations > Effects & Sound Quality > Adapt Sound. There do the listening tests you need. When you are comfortable, assign a sound profile name and save it to finish.

Modes and routines

Formerly known as Bixby Routines is one of the most underrated features of Samsung phones. It is an automation feature that allows you to set commands and have the phone execute them based on certain triggers, such as time, location or device status. The settings on it will change to adapt to each activity or situation set.

Configuration Wizard

And just in case you’re switching to a new Samsung Galaxy phone, you should know that the latest One UI 5.1 version makes things easier. If you switch to a new phone from a Galaxy or other Android device, simply scan the QR code on your old device to automatically migrate the Wi-Fi networks, Samsung account and Google account to the new device.

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