13 Google Assistant Voice Commands You Should Know

Google Assistant voice commands

Google Assistant is the Google assistant that provides help and information on many situations and contexts through a voice command. It’s simple and extremely useful to use, but you need to know the voice commands the assistant needs to be attentive.

The Google Assistant recognizes dozens of voice commands, although users typically only use a few, the most popular

At the moment, the Google Assistant doesn’t read minds so these specific commands must be used in order to use them. Aside from the most popular ones that you always use to ask for the time or to bring music to your device, there are others that few users handle. However, they can be very useful, so we’re going to go over 13 of them here and we bet you certainly don’t know all of them:

-Ok Google How much does 5 + 4 cost?: If you need to add, subtract, multiply, divide, or perform any other math operation, this command will give you the answer immediately with Google.

-Ok Google, good morning: This command is not just a morning greeting that you offer to Google, but is also interpreted by the system as a request for activities for that day. In this way, the assistant will keep you informed of all the events of the day: news, weather, lotteries, events, traffic conditions … and also of the events that you have planned on your calendar.

-Ok Google, let’s play a game: This command is the beginning of a list of options to entertain yourself and end your free time. Google provides an inventory of games that the user can choose and entertain together.

-Ok Google, sing me something: You woke up well or just want to listen to music while you cook, bathe or eat. Well, Google has a wide variety of pieces of music that it can play for you. All you have to do is choose the theme, artist or song and enjoy.

-Ok Google, tell me a joke: You are about to go to a meeting and want Google to tell you a joke to share. This can be done with this command. The search engine tells you a very fun genre or topic that you want. If you want someone else, at the end of the joke you should indicate that you want someone else by saying “tell me more” or “tell me another”.

-Ok Google, prepare the food: This command instructs Google to activate the electrical appliances connected to the internet for the preparation of food. From boiling water to turning on the fire to the bread warmer, everything is possible if you have a connected device and have assigned the function beforehand.

-Ok Google, how do I get to the theater?: If you’ve been invited to go out and don’t know where the address is, you can be sure that this Google Assistant voice command will guide you to your destination without any problems. In addition, it has partnered with Waze to identify the best traffic-free access route to help you get there on time for your appointment, whether at the theater or wherever.

-Ok Google, feed the pet: Some devices that can be used to feed dogs and cats are automated. If they have an internet connection, the Google Assistant can activate them and trigger a serving of food.

-Ok Google, give me a call: With this command, you can be whoever you want and Google will obey. That means you can tell the virtual assistant how to call you from now on simply because you don’t like your name anymore. All you have to do is say what your new name will look like.

-Ok Google, tell me a strange fact: The world is full of curiosities and you can meet Google Assistant. With this command, the search engine will inform you of something interesting and valuable that has happened throughout history.

-Ok Google, send a voice note to: Now Google sends voice memos to mobile contacts with just one command. You no longer need to go to the messaging app. Once the message is put together, choose which communication channel you want to send it through and the virtual assistant will do it for you.

-Ok Google, add a product to the list: You can use this voice command to create a shopping list while viewing what is sold out at home. This way you avoid writing and can also share the list with other users if, for example, you are not going to the supermarket.

-Ok Google, are you speaking in a different language: With this voice command, Google can be your interpreter and translator in other languages. You just have to tell him what to translate by saying the language in question.

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