18 free games with few requirements for the PC

The delivery caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked interest in free PC games that they also have requirements and do not fall into the "pay to win" category. This is a very important question as there is no point in downloading free games if they end up being more expensive than a standard game due to the integrated micro payments.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to a selection of 18 free PC games that not only have quite affordable requirements, but also They can be played quite well, even if we don't want to spend a single cent on them. In some cases the experience will be perfect, while in other cases we will have to make a little extra effort to move forward without paying but without falling into excesses that ruin the fun.

Before I look at the selection of free games we have created, I would like to highlight one important question, namely all of the games that we have collected in this article work well on a 2012 midrange PC consisting of at least the following components:

The approximate cost of a PC with these specifications today on average not more than 100 eurosSo yes, we do what was promised. These are free games that we can enjoy well without spending micro-payments and that work well on any medium-range PC ridden in the past eight years.

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1.- Destiny 2

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 40

A fun first person shooter with small RPG influences I have spent countless hoursIn fact, I started playing it when it had to be bought, and I got all of its enhancements.

It is one of the best games in its class, ideal for those who don't want complications and prefer to enjoy their free time without having to deal with a lot of frustration The punishment is minimal.

Without a doubt one of the best free games out there right now as it offers a lot of content and you can play perfectly without micro payments. You should try it if you haven't already. You can download it on Steam.

2.- Let it die

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 42

Highly recommended, in fact it is one of the new batch free PC games that I liked the most and also one of the most challenging. On a technical and playable level combines concepts from Dark Souls and Code VeinBut he has managed to build up his own personality and presents an original and well-implemented concept.

It's an action game, but the Rolero component has an important weight, and the same thing happens with fatigue, which is shown in this case by the heartbeat of the protagonist. When our character gets tired, he will be exposed to enemy attacks so that we cannot attack like crazy. We have to plan and execute our movements well.

If you liked the Dark Souls franchise and are looking for something similar but with a touch of originality, don't hesitate. Let it die is your best option. You can Download it for free on Steam.

3.- Guild Wars 2

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 44

Another of the best free PC games currently available for PC, in this case within the genre MMORPG. It came on the market in 2012, but thanks to the improvements ArenaNet introduced, it has developed very positively, both technically and in terms of content and gameplay.

There is no doubt about that The graphic quality of Guild Wars 2 is still excellent. And it's something that impresses, not only because of the time it has on it, but also because it's limited to DirectX 9. This has an advantage and a disadvantage: works great on older computers too, like the basic configuration given by us, cannot use the current hardware.

In its free version it allows access to a large amount of content and can have been addicting you for a long time. We can make improvements with gems, a payment currency that we can get with gold (game currency) without having to resort to real money. Micropayments don't have much impact on Guild Wars 2. You can download them from the official ArenaNet website.

4.- Path of exile

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 46

A title that no doubt needs no introduction one of the best free action RPG games. We are dealing with an authentic work of art that has improved a lot over the years and that has accumulated a lot of content.

Its focus is the same that we can find in the Diablo franchise, in fact the perspective is identical (isometric), but Path of Exile is much more than a simple clone of the well-known Blizzard saga. He has managed to develop his own essence thanks to its excellent technical section and its design, which relies on a much more serious and dark aesthetic.

It offers very wide settings, many adventures and different characters (duelist, witch, hunter, Templar, warrior, shadow and heiress) with many customization options. Loot is very important, but fortunately Micro payments only affect the aesthetic content. It is also available on Steam.

5th League of Legends

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 48

Another of the best free games out there that don't need a presentation. We all know this game very well now, but that's important must not be missing in any selection the best free games for PC.

In my case, I started playing it shortly after jumping into free format, but it took me several months to get the practice it needed to really enjoy it, something completely normal as it is a MOBA and Until you start acquiring skills, you won't like them.

The basic idea behind League of Legends is simple: Guardian vs. Guardian in Summoner's Rift with a single goal to destroy the opposing team's nexus. Riot games has introduced many new characters in recent years and also new maps, modes and elements that affect the game, but micro payments still have minimal impact and you can enjoy it without spending a penny.

To start playing, all you have to do is create an account and download it from the Riot Games official website. The only negative note is striking the strong presence of toxic userss. If you are a newbie, remember You will need patience Enjoy League of Legends.

6.- Warframe

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 50

It's a great classic for which time doesn't pass. The updates it received on both a technical and content level have kept it one of the best cooperative action role playing games We can now find that under the “free to play” model.

The possibilities, both in terms of content and playability, are so great that if you start now, you will be ahead Months of adventure and fun. In contrast to other free titles The Warframe community is pretty goodI would even say that this is even better than Guild Wars 2.

You can download it for free on Steam and don’t worry, works perfectly on your PC if you reach the minimum stated at the beginning.

7.- Star Wars: The Old Republic

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 52

It has suffered over time, that's for sure, but it still offers very solid value, especially for lovers of the Star Wars franchise. The technical calculation has improved thanks to the updates received, but it shines above all through the content, the setting and the gameplay.

A title very affordable You can also enjoy that with a lower team than the one we took as a base, and that allows you to play perfectly, even if you don't spend a dime.

Do you want to start playing it Well, be patient, you must first create Account via this link.

8.- CrossOut

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 54

We are facing an MMO game that gives the genre a breath of fresh air. We find a post-apocalyptic environment that is very reminiscent of Mad Max universe where our car is the protagonist and the action reaches really hectic heights.

We have the opportunity to create unique cars with many pieces, improve them and access a very rich and varied armament, ranging from classic firearms to drills, chainsaws and drones. The social component is also very strong because we can trade and work with other players.

At the hardware level, it is not demanding and it does a pretty good technical part. Micropayments don't limit you in any important way, but you have to keep in mind that you have to spend time if you want to get ahead. We can also find it on Steam.

9.- Starcraft II

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 56

One of the great Blizzard classics. It offers a good amount of content completely free and stays as fun and challenging as the first day.

If you haven't played it yet, you don't know what you're missing. Not only is it one of the best free PC games out there today, it's also one of the best of its kind (Real-time strategy).

The free version of this game includes the Wings of Liberty campaign (Story mode), multiplayer mode and the ability to reach the commander's fifth place.

Works perfect in the type of PC that we have described and that has a very solid community. To play Starcraft II, we need a Blizzard account and the Battle.net app.

10.- Heroes & generals

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 58

A first person first person action title in the Second World War that focuses on the Multiplayer modeand that it has a strong strategic component that gives it a unique gameplay.

We can Choose between different types of soldiers (Infantry, reconnaissance, tank crew, parachutist or fighter pilot) and use a variety of weapons and vehicles from all sides that have participated in this armed conflict, which is reflected in a long period of use and is left to the game pretty well, even if we are decide to switch from micro payments.

If you have a PC at the reference team level, you can play it perfectly You have to spend time Unlock weapons and vehicles. It is available on Steam.

11.- Team fortress 2

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 60

An old acquaintance who no longer gave us hours or weeks, but rather Years of fun. It doesn't go out of style, that's for sure, and it is possible because it is still very fun and addictive.

It focuses on unrestrained and carefree action. Very good, especially when we play it with friends, and very affordable also for newbies.

If you have a computer at the level of the PC we have specified, you can move it fully optimal. It is available on Steam.

12.- DOTA 2

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 62

For many, it is the MOBA par excellence that is superior to League of Legends. What can I say it's a matter of taste, although in my case it is true that I have more fun with the title RIOT.

If you are looking for a MOBA with A classic basis, well made and full of possibilities But you're tired of the League of Legends or just want to try something new. Don't hesitate, DOTA 2 is your best option.

You can download it for free on Steam, and yes, works perfect in the equipment that we specified at the beginning of the article. Micro payments don't affect gameplay at all.

13.- Hit

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 64

It is a very strange reinterpretation of the MOBA genre as it is played in the third person with a perspective that shows our champion (or "hero") behind his back.

A very fun and busy game that offers a very recommendable experience, even if you are not a fan of the genre and have never touched a MOBA.

It currently has a huge community of players, works seamlessly with the base team, and has no micropayments that affect gameplay. Yes, Better start with friends.

14.- Shadow Warrior Classic completed

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 66

A reworking of the classic of the late 1990s that combines the entire content of the original and retains all of its charm. One of the best free games in its class A perfect retro look, hectic gameplay and guarantees hours of fun.

Technically, this is probably the least demanding title of any free game we've collected in this article because it works fine in configurations as well without a dedicated graphics card.

We can get it for free, and DRM freewith good old games.

15.- Killer instinct

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 68

There are also free games within the genre of fight one on oneand this is one of the best of its kind. On a technical level, it's a real pleasure, both for modeling the characters and for the level of detail of the settings.

It is true that it presents Some flaws are more obvious than other free spins We've listed as a character selection limitation so far, but we can enjoy it for a while, play all characters thanks to the rotations, and finally buy only those that interest us or we like.

It will perform well if we follow the configuration we gave you at the beginning and we can achieve it in that Microsoft Store.

16.- World of tanks

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 70

It is one of the most popular free games on this list and also one of the most complete and busy. At the moment it has an approximate user base of 110 million players. Impressive, isn't it?

The graphic quality of both the tanks and the scenarios, has improved a lot With the time and the arrival of the latest patches, the action (with roll tones) is pretty fluid and very successful. Fun and recommended.

Micropayments have grown in importance over time, however they don't bother each other. It plays perfectly on the base computer and we can get it on Steam.

17.- Fortnite

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 72

Another game that doesn't need an introduction. Epic Games found its "golden goose" in Fortnite and the truth is that we like it more or less, we have to realize that it is Addictive, fun and full of possibilities.

The performance of this game in the base team is good, even in 1080p resolutionSo you don't have to worry.

Micro payments are very pronounced, but focus mainly on aesthetics and We can enjoy Fortnite in an acceptable way without having to do any costs. It is available in the Epic Games Store.

18.- Paladins

18 free PC games with few prerequisites to have fun 74

A. excellent alternative to Overwatchby Blizzard. Action galore with a well-resolved technical area full of colors and details with very charismatic characters.

It can be played perfectly with the equipment that we have given almost meet your recommended requirementsand micropayments have minimal impact.

Like many of the other free games we've listed, it's available on steam. We can play it perfectly alone, but if we start now, it's more fun to do with friends.

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