1Password password manager now supports file sharing

Sharing large files

Best known for its work as a centralized and secure password manager, 1Password makes it easy to access different applications, platforms and services without having to memorize all the corresponding passwords. But now it has added an additional function that will surely be useful for those who are concerned about security when sending files and documents.

1Password facilitates the centralized management of passwords belonging to different platforms, services, applications..

It is the possibility of sending files to other people, sending them with maximum security. The option is also extremely easy to use, since it provides a link to share with the recipient of the document to be sent. The recipient simply clicks on the link to start the download.

This link has an expiration date, which is informed when the link is received, and then the download possibility will expire A verification method can be added to the linkeither by adding the recipient’s e-mail address or a one-time use code.

The shared file will be displayed from the 1Password website, with the recipient being able to copy fields, download documents, or even save them to their own 1Password accountaccount, if you have one. The procedure is quite similar to what happens when you share with someone a document hosted on Google Drive, with some differences, such as the expiration of the validity of the link.

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This is, in a way, an extension of another feature added by 1Password last year that allowed, also by sharing a link, provide others with a password from the one stored in the idem management service.

Given the usual recommendation of not to use the same password for different applications, platforms, social networks… password managers are essential to avoid having to memorize them all (it is also advisable to change them from time to time) and, as in the case of 1Password, only have to remember one password, the manager’s password, which gives access to all the other passwords used.

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