20 ‘geek’ gifts for this Christmas

Christmas gifts for family and friends are often a problem when you don’t want to give something that is predictable or boring. A way out of this problem is usually cheap technological gifts, although you can go a little further by giving a geeky gift to people who are fascinated by the world of computing.

Logically, to make a good gift you must consider several competent options. For this reason, here you will find a complete list with some different ideas for geek gifts for this Christmas, They are the perfect gifts for anyone who loves technology..

Geek gift ideas for this Christmas

You can be sure that any of the alternatives you will find below are an excellent gift for that geeky friend or family member who is waiting for your present.

Steam Deck OLED

Currently, this portable console is one of the best on the market due to its ability to play PC and console games efficiently. It is a device that gives access to demanding titles, such as Resident Evil Village, GTA V, Dead Space Remake, Alan Wake 2, among many others.

The device has a 7.4-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, capable of reaching a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Inside it incorporates a 512 GB SSD memory and the autonomy offers between 3 and 12 hours of game (this will depend on how demanding the video game is). The price of the Steam Deck OLED is 549 euros.

Portable console

Soundcore Q45 Headphones

They offer a great quality-price ratio, their cost ranges between 100 – 150 euros and in exchange it has active noise cancellation that is capable of eliminating up to 98% of ambient noise, something unusual in this price range. The battery can reach 50 hours of use with noise cancellation activated.

As for the design, they are light and modern, the pads are made with intelligent foam rubber capable of adapting to the shape of the user’s skull to provide greater comfort. The same happens with the headband area and the sides, both are padded and soft. It should be noted that the headphones are compatible with Hi-Res audio.

Noise canceling headphones

LEGO Marvel: Infinity Gauntlet

If the person is a fan of the Marvel movies, this is a great gift that will serve to decorate their desk, library, room or any other corner of their home. The LEGO-made gauntlet is highly detailed, features each of the gems and includes a base that allows the piece to be displayed correctly.

The figure is made up of 590 LEGO blocks, so the assembly process will be satisfying and entertaining, as it will take several hours to complete. Likewise, it is not an expensive gift, its amount is 64 euros.


Govee RGBIC Table Lamp

This is a small lamp made to create soft, ambient lighting in the study room or bedroom. Its quality is that it has a mobile app that allows you to choose the shades of the RGB lights and, in addition, it has the ability to apply any light pattern that the person draws in the application.

The Govee lamp is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so there is no need to use your hands to operate the lamp because it will understand multiple voice commands. On the other hand, the lamp incorporates a microphone that can be synchronized with music, its price is 60 euros.

RGB lamps

Xiaomi Mi Band 8

The Xiaomi smartband is a solid device that offers 150 exercise modes, it is ideal for people who practice various sports disciplines or who execute multiple training routines in the gym. The screen of the bracelet is 1.62 inches and is AMOLED; The content will look sharp and defined.

In addition to exercise routines, the smartband has the ability to measure blood oxygen, monitor heart rate, measure stress level, calculate sleep quality, count steps, track the menstrual cycle and offer breathing routines to relax throughout the day. The price of the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is 70 euros (there are many discounts in various stores).

Xiaomi Smartband

GorillaPod Joby GripTight ONE GP

A GorillaPod for mobile is a tripod that has flexible legs that can be adjusted however the person wants, that is, they can be rolled up, expanded and retracted to easily adapt the base to various surfaces.

This implement is ideal for family or friends who love to take photographs with their smartphone because it offers them a much greater margin of maneuver. With a GorillaPod you will be able to achieve shots and angles that would be impossible without this device. The cost of this Joby GorillaPod model is 61 euros.

GorillaPod for mobile

Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation)

We chose this generation of the Echo Dot because it has improved sound that will allow you to listen to music more efficiently. However, its main quality is the small LED screen that is useful to see the time and weather condition.

This Echo Dot is capable of controlling smart home devices through voice commands, it can be paired with lights, locks, fans, etc. We must also highlight its design, since it is a compact and light device that will fit into any corner of the home. The price of the 5th generation Echo Dot is 60 euros.

Amazon Bugles

Xbox Series S

The Microsoft console is one of the best alternatives that exists to access new generation games at an affordable price, since the device costs 250 euros and, on many occasions, the company offers substantial discounts that reach 180 euros.

The power of the Xbox Series S is capable of delivering games at 2K resolution at 30fps, however, most titles will run in Full HD (1080p) at 60fps, for the price it is, this is a acceptable performance. In addition, the user can subscribe to Game Pass to have access to hundreds of games available on the service.

Xbox consoles

Logitech MX Keys Mini Keyboard

As someone who is a geek, he surely spends many hours in front of the computer, therefore, this Logitech keyboard is a useful, beautiful and quality gift. The keyboard body is made with carbon fiber and aluminum, allowing it to be lightweight and resistant to impacts and scratches.

The keys are backlit and concave, offering greater typing comfort. Regarding autonomy, Logitech assures that with a single charge the battery is capable of lasting up to five months. Likewise, the device is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, Linux, Ubuntu, etc. Its price is 100 euros.

Gifts for family

BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller

We come to a controller that is capable of turning the mobile phone into a portable console, it attaches to the smartphone through the USB-C port and transforms into a video game controller. It is the ideal device to play competitive titles on mobile comfortably, we are talking about COD Mobile, PUBG, Fortnite and more.

This Backbone model is compatible with both Apple and Android phones, which is an advantage if it is a gift because there will be no limitations. It should be noted that the latency of the control is only 3.5 mm, which ensures that the response time when executing an action in the game will be immediate. Its cost is 100 euros.

Mobile grips

Other gifts that technology lovers will like

-Super Mario star for the tree: Being a geek and having the Christmas spirit don’t have to be at odds. The star is like the ones that appear in the Super Mario games and gives it invulnerability. It can be placed on the tree or as an ornament on any shelf. It has a 3D pixelated look and lights up. It costs 6.49 euros.

Super Mario Star

-The Mandalorian and the Child: For Star Wars fans there is no better gift than this couple. Made with LEGO pieces, they represent the protagonist of the new series “The Mandalorian” and Grogu, better known to fans as “Baby Yoda.” The figures have all the details and must be assembled by the user. It costs 23.99 euros.

LEGO Figures The Mandalorian and the Child

-Amazon Echo Auto: Echo Auto connects with the Alexa application on your mobile phone and, using Bluetooth, synchronizes with the car system. The equipment is small and has a support to attach it to the ventilation grill. With Echo Auto it is possible to control music applications, change radio stations, find out the news, make hands-free calls, create reminders and much more, all using voice commands, thanks to its 8 microphones. It has a price of 59.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Auto

-«Mindfuck: Cambridge Analytica»: The true story of the Cambridge Analytica scandal told by the whistleblower. A book that explains in detail what the data theft and the subsequent psychological manipulation was like. It costs 8.54 euros with soft cover.

Gift book about Cambridge Analytica

-Selvim Phone Lenses: This will be a perfect gift for someone who enjoys taking photographs with their mobile phone. It is a very complete kit with a tripod, a telephoto lens with 22x lens magnification, a wide angle lens, a macro lens and several lenses to improve resolution. It costs 29.99 euros.

Phone camera lenses

-UV sterilizer for mobile phones: This equipment offers 99% sterilization in less than 6 minutes, thanks to a ultraviolet light system. It is perfect for the most hypochondriacs, since with it they will be able to keep their phone clean of viruses, bacteria and allergens. Only 19.99 euros.

Mobile phone sterilizer against COVID19

-Divoom Ditoo Pixel Art: This retro-looking speaker features a 3.5-inch LED screen that displays up to 1,000 different Pixel Art style designs. The speaker is 10 W and has DSP for clear and vibrant bass, and it also has some features such as alarm and alarm clock. It costs 89.90 euros.

Smart speaker with pixelart display

-UMIDIGI smart watch: A smart watch with a classic and elegant look, unisex and with pedometer functions, calorie counter, distance traveled and steps meter, heart rate monitor, menstrual cycle calculation, 14 sport modes, GPS, WhatsApp notifications, calls , SMS, remote music control, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, alarm and option to find your phone. It costs 29.90 euros.

UMIDIGI smart watch

-Xbox Series X or S: Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox Series

Xbox Series X and S

-PS5: Sony has also taken advantage of Christmas to launch its next-generation console, with a high-speed solid-state hard drive, haptic feedback, controls with adaptive triggers and 3D audio.

PS5 Christmas gift for geeks

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