2021 digital trends according to IAB

The Association for Advertising, Marketing and Digital Communication in Spain, IAB Spain, has the conclusions of its Annual report “Top Digital Trends 2021”which identified 13 trends to consider in the industry in 2021.

Influencers, 5G and the shopping experience on social networks, some of the trends identified by the IAB

This study is produced by the various working committees of the organization. The aim is to convey a global vision of digital business in 2021. While some of the trends they identified are already more than a reality, it is worth taking a look at them to analyze where the next strategies can be developed in the months ahead.

-E-commerce. The “new normal” will lead to online sales growing in sectors that have not previously considered this channel to be essential, such as the automotive industry. In this sense, thanks to the purchase functions of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram in their Stories or even Snapchat, content on social networks is becoming “more affordable” than ever before. According to IAB, retail media will play a key role in the media strategy of many brands, and this year Amazon – which launched Fresh Sales in Spain for example a few weeks ago – and the main marketplaces will be consolidated to provide a superior user experience of most online stores .

-Dooh (Digital Out of Home). As the IAB explains in its report, retargeting measures that combine out of home with mobile campaigns will increase significantly. The rise of the programmatic DOOH will enable targeted and contextualized communication as well as automation and flexibility when shopping via digital platforms.

-Sports. The sale of digital esports products, aimed at enriching the end-user’s experience and consumption, will increase in 2021, as will the sponsorship of these activities and the creation of new associations thanks to the maturity of the sector.

-Influencer. According to the IAB, brands will continue to work more closely with influencers, especially in the brand’s own media and in cross-media campaigns. On platforms like TikTok and Twitch, campaigns are increasingly being carried out with influencers, many of whom are based on these platforms.

Mobile phone, mobile phone. The deployment of 5G networks will be a consolidated reality as early as 2021, and the geolocation information gathered from mobile phones will be key to measuring the conversion of advertising campaigns through visits to stores carried out by users exposed to a certain advertising impact. In 2021, solutions like app-ads.txt and CMPs will be consolidated for applications that offer advertisers, support and users transparency and trust.

– Programmatic. Investments in programmatic will increase. 2021 will be a year of transition to the next in which the use of third-party cookies will be restricted. More KPIs are added that allow a more qualitative measurement. Native advertising is evolving into formats that mimic the in-store purchase and allow the user to experience the product.

-Social Media. Originally, “niche” platforms like TikTok and Twitch will continue to grow, as will long and short videos. Most direct visits to the Spanish media website are made through social networks. On the other hand, buying through social networks is increasingly becoming a reality after the launch of the new stores on Facebook and Instagram and other shopping features on social networks like TikTok and Pinterest.

-CTV. The first steps are being taken to consolidate networked television and make it more interactive, not only in terms of advertising, but also in terms of the consumption of content on television. The transition to user-centered measurement and not platform type or video format begins.

– online video. It will be a key tool in tackling ad saturation and integrating the brand into content that comes from connected TV environments. Increase in live broadcasts, identified as early as 2017, allowing followers to be part of the advertisement or event, which implies an increase in engagement. Animated explanatory videos that quickly describe products and services will also proliferate, especially in more serious areas like banking and insurance.

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