4 easy ways to increase search visibility


Google has more than 200 quality factors that determine the visibility and positioning of a website in its search engine. SEO is responsible for optimizing all parts of a website in this way appear in searches Performed by users to improve visibility and reach.

Although SEO is a very complex discipline with more than 200 ranking factors, it is possible to improve search visibility with these 4 simple steps.

While there are many factors that need to be considered in order to improve a page’s SEO positioning, there are some basic steps that users can take to improve their search visibility.

-Improve security: Since it was announced that Core Web Vitals will become a ranking factor in 2021, websites have to consider certain usability aspects in order to gain more visibility.

One of these aspects is navigation safety. If, while scanning a webpage, Google discovers that it has been hacked or suffered DDoS attacks, this can affect its positioning. It is possible to protect the pages from these attacks by installing an HTTPS certificate and setting a server that has all possible security means.

-Speed: With this in mind, users need to be careful about their speed when renting a server. If the website is mounted on WordPress it is best to rent dedicated hosting that will optimize the speed of the page.

It is important to have the fastest possible loading speed so that the pages do not load slowly or the browsing speed drops. Here are more tips to improve the speed of your website.

-Photos: Images and multimedia content are a very important part of a website and have their own SEO optimization rules. Multimedia content improves content navigation, relieves the text and gives the user time to rest. As a rule, however, the content is also “weighed”. So it’s handy to use compressors to retouch the images before uploading them, fill in all of the Alt and Description tags, and create a filename that includes the keyword and is easy to use. recognize.

-Left: Link building is the most complicated and engaging part of SEO as it involves establishing relationships with other creators and other authority websites in order to link to them. With that in mind, it’s often best to create relevant content that will grab the attention of other writers and journalists so that when researching a topic, the content is displayed and linked. It is also very important to take care of the link profile, create correct redirects for the content and try to avoid any 404 errors on the pages.

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