40% sold a gift received

If you are not satisfied with your gifts from the kings, you can practice following up, that is, Give your gift a new life Selling on the Internet. This practice is more common than you think and is practiced by 40% of Spanish users.

Regifting is selling the gifts we didn’t like over the internet

This is ensured by a report from Milanuncios, one of the platforms that allows you to sell gifts that you did not like on the internet. According to the study they carried out, which analyzes the buying and selling habits of Spanish consumers, the reasons for selling are varied and not just because what they received “doesn’t like it”.

One of the reasons is that the item is not needed or not in use (something 46.2% of users use), that the size or size is wrong (20% of the time) and 18.8% of the time and the third option is the fact that they did not like what they received.

Are “sold” or practiced Regifting with all kinds of productsAbove all, however, items of clothing (49.6%), fashion accessories (19.7%) and perfumes (14.41%), but also technological gifts, video games, musical instruments and household clothing are sold among other product categories.

According to the Milanuncios Christmas Report 2020, three out of ten Spaniards buy Christmas gifts on the second-hand market. Murcia (36.40%), Galicia (35.7%) and the Basque Country (33.3%) are the three autonomous communities where the purchase of used items is most often used for Christmas gifts …

Many of them may be sold by those who receive them in one of the many ways to sell products on the internet. It’s as simple as taking a picture of what you no longer want and posting an ad. If the price is reasonable, the offers will come in … and buyers may try to haggle over the price. So be prepared!

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