5 apps for creating digital product catalogs

Online shop digital catalogs

With a digital catalog, users can instantly and directly display to their customers the products they are offering for sale. It can be hosted on the website itself, in e-commerce, or even on some platforms. It is possible to create this type of catalog, e.g. B. in WhatsApp Business or via the new Instagram and Facebook stores, the keys to the success of a marketing strategy. E-commerce in social networks.

To create a digital catalog, simply download one of the apps we recommend

However, there is also the option of not being dependent on these social networks to create a personalized product catalog to which you can add a gallery with photos, descriptions, prices … and much more. Then it is enough to send the URL of this catalog to users so that they can access it directly.

There are a variety of applications out there that allow you to create digital catalogs and then share them on other platforms through a link. Here we recommend some of them:

-MiCatalogs: is an app available on Android to create digital catalogs and authentic online stores managed through the app or the desktop version. The result can be shared on WhatsApp or other social networks. It is fully customizable, available in multiple languages, provides access to various payment systems, and has statistics and metrics to assess the impact of sales and interactions with users.

-Digital catalog: Allows the creation of a kind of digital magazine in which the user can add representative photos of his goods. Descriptions, prices, and other items can be included. At the end, a link is generated that can be shared on WhatsApp and other social networks.

-Fast sale: is a digital catalog system that was developed to be shared across multiple online platforms. You can upload photos or take them directly, add descriptions, prices, contact information and additional information. You can upload products individually or in bulk using a table in the desktop version. The catalog can be released as an image, PDF file, link or brochure.

-Shops: Allows you to manage an entire online sales platform with fully personalized ordering systems, sections, payments and more. It’s free, intuitive, and you can create a digital catalog in just three minutes. In the end, it can be shared by WhatsApp or other platforms.

-Catalog manufacturer: Used to register the products or services that are being sold and includes photos, descriptions, prices, number of parts available … Once completed, the catalog will be created in PDF format and can be shared on social networks.

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