5 crowdfunding platforms to get money from followers and fans

Online subscription platform

Content creators who want to benefit from their creations have two options: Use platforms that monetize the content, such as: E.g. YouTube, or use certain services that allow audiences to donate money directly.

It is one of the most common methods among content creators to reach out to fans directly to get cash for exclusive content

Individuals using this type of service can offer exclusive content to their customers so that they can act as a subscription system. We tell you which platforms are the best to get money from fans:

-Patreon: The main patronage platform. Content creators can offer premium content to their subscribers in a way that diversifies their revenue streams. For example, a youtuber can create videos with the content their subscribers want or market videos just for them and them through Patreon.

Not only does it work with a monthly subscription system, but the audience can also buy unique items: a photo, video, book, etc. without having to sign up monthly.

The rates calculated by Patreon are 5%, 8% and 12% of the monthly income, depending on the plan chosen by the users, and correspond to the Lite, Pro and Premium plans. Pro and Premium have analytics, marketing, etc. features that justify their higher price tag.

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-Ko-Fi: It’s a donation service with nonexistent commissions. The premise is that content creators can open a Ko-Fi account and receive little financial support (hence the name referring to the cost of a coffee) from the entire community. Plus, Patreon-style lets you sell unique content to the community and create monthly subscription systems.

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– Buy me a coffee: This platform is committed to ease of use. It’s a very similar concept (also in name) to Ko-FI and allows fans to donate money that is measured in cafes. This way, a fan can donate the equivalent of ten coffees to their favorite content creator.

Like Ko-Fi and Patreon, it offers the option to sign up on a monthly basis.

Coffee operation

-Podiums: Formerly known as a coach, it allows you to sell access to work that is similar to Patreon. Instead of charging commissions for every payment received, Podia uses a monthly payment system. When selling monthly subscriptions to access all of a creator’s content, Podia charges $ 79 per month. If instead the platform is used to sell individual items such as videos, comics, or online courses, the price is $ 39 per month.

So if you have a large following, Podia is a lot more profitable than Patreon. If you are just hoping for a small amount of money instead (say, a few hundred dollars a month), Podia may not be your best option.

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-Memberful: This platform is not exactly a regular corwdfunding site, but rather a plugin that is installed on the creator’s website that allows you to purchase different subscription packages that can be customized. From the duration (weekly, monthly, yearly …) and with variable content.

The fees charged by Memberful are high and start at 10%. If you pay for the Pro version of the service, the fee for each subscription is 4.9%, but you pay a fixed amount of $ 25 per month.

Patreon acquired Memberful in 2018 but continues to operate as a separate service.

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