5 services for saving photos in the cloud for free

Storing photos in the cloud has various advantages: from protection against theft or loss to a simple way of preserving the photos when changing mobile devices, through a support or a replacement for the internal memory of the mobile phone, which can be used again and again fails briefly

With free photo storage in the cloud, you can save and sync your pictures and videos

So far, Google Photos has been a reference for many, but as of June 1, the free space on Google One (Google’s virtual hard drive) will be limited to just 15GB. except for Google Pixel phone owners.

That said, Google Photos no longer has unlimited storage space. Beyond this option, however, there are other online storage alternatives available, some of which are specifically designed for storing photos and videos that don’t involve any hassle and that also allow you to enjoy the cloud. We recommend the following:

-Dropbox: The reference for online storage for a long time offers 2 GB for free Storage location of all file types, taking into account the original quality of images. There are also payment plans to expand storage capacity up to 2 TB for € 119.90 per year.

-iCloud: It’s the Apple Cloud that offers 5 GB of free space, able to expand up to 50GB with various payment plans, including some family-like plans to share a single capacity between multiple users of the same family group. In these five free gigabytes, you can choose whether the backup copies of the mobile device should be saved in addition to the photos and videos taken by the iPhone or iPad. Therefore, you need to be careful when managing so as not to exhaust the available space.

-Mega: Heir to the controversial content storage and download service Megaupload, founded by flamboyant Kim Dotcom, currently offers up to 50 GB Free storage capacity of 400 GB for € 4.99 per month. One of the functions offered is the backup of smartphone files via a dedicated app.

-A ride: This storage service is owned and operated by Microsoft 5 GB of free space of pictures and videos. There are payment plans from € 2 per month for 100 GB capacity, which increases storage up to 1 TB for those who have subscribed to Office 365.

-Amazon Pictures: It is a service added in Amazon Prime subscriptionSo keep in mind that it can only be used for free by subscribers. It’s the one that has the largest storage capacity since in terms of images there are no bordersYou can also save the photos in RAW format in their original quality. The only storage limitation is the videos, so only 5 GB can be stored.

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