5 sound bars for smart TVs of exceptional quality

The best sound bars for smart TV They have the ability to optimize the TV’s audio noticeablysince they transmit surround sound, which will improve the audio of the movies and series that you will see on TV and your experience will be more complete and satisfactory.

Now, although the market is full of various models and brands of sound bars, the truth is that not all of them do a good job. For this reason, here you will find a list of the best sound bars that you can buy today, they are equipment that will really perfect the audio of the smart TV.

The best sound bars for your smart TV

Sound bars are easy to install, can be easily configured and improve TV audio, some of the most competent ones are the following:

Polk MagniFi Mini AX

Its quality is that it has a compact, light and resistant design, you can place it in any corner without problems. However, it does not lack good sound, the bar incorporates five speakers that are compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS, that is, quality immersive audio technology.

The equipment includes a small wireless subwoofer that helps in the reproduction of low and medium sounds. Likewise, it has an equalizer that makes it possible to configure each of the audio sections manually and has the Alexa assistant. Its price is 350 euros.

sound bars

Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

It offers 3D sound that is not common to find in this price range, in addition, you will not have to install a large number of horns, it will only be a matter of connecting the sound bar and end of the problem. The device is compatible with Dolby Atmos and exploits its full potential to create immersive audio.

Although it does not have a subwoofer, the detail in the sound effects is of high quality, you will be able to hear high, medium and low tones and the place where these come from depending on the content that the movie or series you are watching is playing. on smart TV. Its cost is 500 euros.

Sonos bar

Roku Streambar

We arrive at a sound bar with an excellent quality-price ratio, the sound it reproduces is quality and incorporates a 4K streaming platform (Roku). The audio system is 2.0 and has two forward-facing speakers and two 1.9-inch horns on the sides to create immersive audio.

Although the bass sounds are not the best, the mid and high tones have great clarity and detail in the reproduction of nuances. The bar is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, you can select your favorite assistant. The price of the Roku Streambar is 130 euros.

Roku Bar

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Max

For many, this is the best sound bar on the market due to the remarkable 3D audio it is capable of creating thanks to its 13 front speakers with 5.1.4 audio channels compatible with Dolby Atmos. The immersive audio it delivers is practically like having a home theater.

Due to the large number of speakers, the Sennheiser bar covers a wide range of tones ranging from the highest to the lowest. Frequencies can reach 30 Hz, so there is no need to purchase a subwoofer. The amount of this bar is 2000 euros.

Sennheiser bar

Sonos Arc

It takes full advantage of Dolby Atmos technology because it implements 360-degree surround spatial sound. The bar is able to arrange each sound according to its location, whether in a high, medium, low or lateral space. It also stands out for having a powerful bass that does not require the incorporation of a subwoofer.

The bar has Trueplay software, which is capable of adjusting the frequency, volume and playback range to the measurements of the room to offer better performance. The device is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and its price is 899 euros.

Sonos TV Bar

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