5 Tips To Improve Core Web Vitals

Core web vital, performance and usability signals for websites will become an SEO ranking factor in May 2021. This means that the quality of the content remains important from now on Technical SEO will become more important.

This makes it possible to easily improve Core Web Vitals in order to improve the loading times of websites.

First of all, it is important to analyze website behavior in relation to core web vitals. Tools such as Google Search Console or PageSpeed ​​Insights can be used for this purpose. Both tools are free and offer information about errors and speed issues, as well as a number of tips on how to improve them.

– Lazy shop: Lazy loading is a system that can be used to delay the loading of the heaviest items such as pictures and videos. That way the webpage loads much faster and once it’s loaded and functional all secondary content will start to load. The easiest and fastest way to activate this system is with WordPress plugins like Smush or Lazy Load.

-Reduce JavaScript: Excessive Java scripting often affects the first input delay, one of the factors in Core Web Vitals. This is because it takes a long time to load when the browser has a lot of JS queries to do. For this purpose, it is best to limit the number of calls to these scripts as much as possible.

-Server response time: Server response time affects not only core web vitals, but also overall search engine optimization. With this in mind, in addition to hiring a dedicated high-speed hosting service, a CDN is also required, which will improve the loading speed. On the other hand, it is also possible to remove unnecessary plugins, as this increases the loading times.

-Optimize the size of pictures and videos: Another way to reduce loading problems like resizing images and “moving” content is to upload images at the correct size. With that in mind, some CMS like WordPress will copy and resize the images. So it is important to upload the images at the correct size to avoid these problems.

-Optimize images: Finally, it is important to configure the SEO of the images and compress them using tools like TinyPNG. In this sense, the images should not weigh more than 50 kb, as otherwise they would burden the loading times.

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