5 websites for watching pirate football blocked by La Liga

LaLiga has discovered one Group of five pirate websiteswhich operated from Italy similar to RojaDirecta, where football matches were broadcast illegally and which had more than a million visits a month. All of them were closed.

Inferno is LaLiga’s supercomputer capable of detecting pirated websites and gathering evidence to send to authorities.

In order to find this type of website that illegally broadcasts soccer matches, LaLiga has a system for detecting pirated content. It is a group of supercomputers and servers dubbed the Inferno that work in conjunction with a Software that detects pirated content called Marauder.

This supercomputer was responsible for finding the evidence for these Italian pirate websites and relaying all evidence to the Italian judicial authorities who will make the final decision on whether or not to close these sites. With that in mind, the complaint was filed in October 2020, although the sites have now closed.

LaLiga has pointed out that the fight against pirated content has gotten very complicated in recent times. A decade ago, the struggle was centered on finding the websites that were showing the games illegally, as was the case with Rojadirecta, one of the most famous websites. But today they also have to fight social networks, applications and against IPTV (Internet Protocol TV, that is, television channels that work over the Internet).

The person responsible for this fight, Inferno, is a supercomputer with a very high processing capacity that uses 16 NVIDIA Tesla V100 cards, each working with 14.13 teraflops. In other words, any board is faster than an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. This computer can operate in temperatures above 90 degrees, so it’s known as an inferno.

This processor, unique in the world, was a real revolution in piracy detection around the world. Since the beginning of the work, websites from Denmark, Italy, Peru, Russia, Ecuador, Mexico or Uruguay have been recognized and closed.

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