6 hidden Disney Plus features

Disney+ Cheats

Disney+ is one of the best streaming services today because it has exclusive series and movies from Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. As for the platform, it is efficient, fast and stable, but it can be better thanks to some hidden features that have the ability to optimize the service.

Certain little-known Disney+ tools significantly improve the platform’s performance.

So, if you are a Disney+ user and want to get the most out of it, here you have a list with those functions that are not at hand, but that are really useful. In this way, you will use everything the system has to offer you, you will not miss any detail.

– Remove automatic playback: click on your profile icon and click on “Edit profiles”. Select the profile to modify and disable autoplay by clicking on the switch.

– Unlock more content: go to “Edit Profiles”, enter the account of your choice and scroll down to the “Content Rating” option. Enter the account password and set the age rating to 18+ for unrestricted access to the Disney+ library.

– Content Collections: just go to the “Search” tab and before typing anything, scroll down. The system will expose a variety of collections for you to view whenever you want, this is a very simple and extremely useful trick.

– Special functions: choose the content you are going to watch and tap on “Extras”, the option is below the play button. In this section there is a lot of interesting information, such as deleted scenes, gag reels and unreleased footage to show you how the movie was made.

– Download series and movies: search for the movie or series episode and click on the down arrow icon. Once the download is complete, you will see everything you have saved in the app under “Downloads”. This section is located in the bottom navigation bar.

– View content in group: enter the production tab, click on “Group Watch”, then choose “Invite” and finally click on “Start Watching” to play the content.

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