6 tips for flirting more on Tinder and other dating apps

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There are many reasons why you could use a dating app like Tinder, Badoo, Grindr, or many more: find a partner, a casual encounter, new friends with the right to something more …

Being yourself is always a valuable resource for finding partners in virtual meetings, but you need to be positive, trust yourself and create a harmonious environment during the conversations.

The competition in these dating apps is big and very tight. So, you should have all kinds of elements, techniques, methods, and strategies up your sleeve to get the most out of the situation. Of course, always starting from honesty, sincerity and yourself because you will be the one who wins … and deceiving the other person will only lead you to rejection when the truth is discovered. With these types of apps, you also need to be careful of love scams which are also abundant.

So that you have your own arsenal of resources, we leave you a list of tricks to use on your next foray into Tinder or any other app to have a greater impact on your conquests and be victorious, whatever your goal have sat down:

– Avoid using filters on your photos: When we are authentic, real and original, the attraction is always greater. Tinder users and these kind of apps are fed up with seeing lies on their phone. Look for a quality background that will help you stand out or capture the picture in an environment that you love to be.

-Write a direct profile: Forget the huge texts that describe who you are. The best part is using interactions to find out who the other person is, what they like, and what you can have in common. Try entering certain data like your name, something you like a lot, and what you are doing now. This is enough for your bio, and it will let you discover the best.

Pictures of your interests: If you are a lover of cooking, animals, or sports, then you can snap a picture doing what you like so much. This way you contribute to a more human and real profile, with no facades or unreal activity. Always bet on what you love to do and find your ideal significant other.

– Be yourself, but add trust and security: Many people see the phrase “be yourself” as a bit of a “cliché”. However, it’s real and it helps a lot in finding authentic partners. But the big detail is knowing who you really are. Your personality may terrify others, but it can also be charming. The ideal is to show your true “self” with confidence and certainty. This way you show that you are happy with yourself and that is enough.

– Wear clothes of colors that you like the most: Some suggest brightly colored and vivid tones, but if you don’t like these colors, you are someone else who you are not. So the best recommendation is to use colors that you love and to make you feel comfortable. If you are one of those who love black or gray, use it with an original style that will attract, not scare. Both in the photos and at the time of your first meeting, your allies are your best colors.

-Summer photos: nothing more natural than showing the body, at least a little of it. So they imply that you have nothing to hide and that you are even more authentic, which increases the possibilities. However, this type of photography is very common in dating apps. We therefore recommend subtlety in order not to show more than necessary and above all originality.

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