8 tips for restaurants in social networks

Social media marketing tips for restaurants

Social media is a very suitable tool for all those businesses that are looking to gain visibility. Some tools, such as Instagram or Google My Business, allow restaurants to show their best dishes as well as their facilities to the whole world, so that new customers can discover them through impressive images and videos.

Optimizing social media profiles, creating a recognizable brand or knowing how to respond to comments and reviews can be ways to position a restaurant or catering service to improve visibility.

Social networks offer a platform not only to generate visibility and attract new customers, but to create “brand awareness” or brand awareness. They also serve to improve engagement with customers through “user-generated content” strategies that invite customers to upload the images they have taken in the restaurant. Finally, they are also an excellent tool to offer a customer service system, with which to resolve doubts and even collect reservations.

For all those users who are looking for tips on how to use social networks to improve the visibility of a restaurant, here are some tips:

-Optimize profiles: The goal of posting on social networks is for customers to find the restaurant. To do this, it is necessary to have a profile as complete as possible in which the local address, phone number, link to Google Maps, email address and any important information appears.

-Create a brand: One of the first steps when creating a social media branding strategy for a restaurant is to unify the brand. In this sense, it is important that all publications maintain a similar style, both in the type of images that are published, the colors used and also “the voice” of the publications, using a similar language and that is easy to recognize for followers.

-Analyze mentions: To properly manage the marketing strategy it is necessary to analyze and monitor mentions. Nowadays, there are many “social listening” tools that allow you to analyze mentions on social networks such as Hootsuite, Google Alerts or Reputology.

-Promote events: Many restaurants offer seasonal menus that are often highly appreciated by users. Social networks offer an ideal space to promote these menus. In this sense, it is possible to share an image of the menu, with a “call to action” to reserve a place a few weeks before it starts and, later, share images of the dishes, as well as the people who have come to enjoy the event.

-Influencers: Influencers and microinfluencers are very beneficial for this type of marketing. In this case, it is important to select accounts that have a good engagement and, above all, that have real knowledge. There are many ways to work with them, from giving away a dinner, to offering discounts for all those customers who come referred or paying money for the collaboration.

-Show the human side: A restaurant marketing strategy should not only show images of the dishes and the facilities, but also the staff behind the business. This type of content, something like a “behind the scenes”, allows customers to connect with the human side of the business.

-User-generated content: One of the best ways to engage users is to let them post images of their restaurant experiences themselves. To do this, it is possible to create a branded hashtag and invite users to use it, then later search for posts tagged with this hashtag and share it back on your own account. Another way to share this content is to ask customers for reviews, something that can be very beneficial for positioning the account.

-Respond to comments: Social media accounts receive both positive and negative responses. You need to know how to respond in both circumstances, especially when the reviews or comments are negative. In this sense, negative comments and reviews do not have to be bad, on the contrary. This type of negative content, if you know how to handle it, can convince a customer that they are dealing with a business that doesn’t “buy” or “manipulates” reviews.

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