8 websites to learn more about the World Cup Qatar 2022

Maps of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is a reality and the first matches are already taking place. Therefore, it is mandatory to have the best support so as not to miss any detail, whether they are platforms to watch the games, applications to follow all the matches or some soccer game to increase the excitement. But that’s not all, as there are also websites that offer detailed information on the key points of Qatar in this great event.

A good map of Qatar will let you know where the matches will take place and what can be found in the area.

Maps of the most popular sites of the World Cup Qatar 2022 will serve to know where the Fans Zones are located and what are the most comfortable cities, airports and hotels to arrive and stay at the time of watching a game. Below, we will tell you where you can find these comprehensive maps.

– Qatar official portal: is perfect to receive information validated by FIFA, you just need to enter Qatar Tourism. There you will find an interactive map with all the interesting places to visit, places that are allowed to sell alcohol, how to get to the stadiums, etc.

Qatar 2022 World Cup Maps

– Google Maps: will be very useful to know how to get to a certain stadium, or to know the distance from one city to another in this small country.

Qatar 2022 World Cup Guides

– Wikipedia: if you want to know more about the country, its population, its history… and that of the main cities hosting the tournament, you will find all the updated information in the online encyclopedia WikiPedia.

World Cup maps

Elitetorrent: History and Alternative Sites

– Stadium guide: the Statium Guide website is one of the most complete and the information is endorsed by FIFA. It provides complete details of the stadiums and how to access them by public transport, on foot, by car, etc. It also provides information on the matches to be played at each venue.

Websites with maps of Qatar

– Metro map: is found in The World Cup Guide, a guide that is made by and for fans, which is very useful. Not only does it offer a route layout, but there are also tips on how to operate the machines to buy tickets, which are the best stations, how to get to them and more.

Portals with directions from Qatar.

– Location of areas selling alcohol: this information can be found on the Rumraiders portal. There is an illustrated map indicating the points that have permission to sell alcoholic beverages. There are also indications to find restaurants, hotels, subway stops, airports, among others.

World Cup directions and maps

– Accommodations: on the official Qatar World Cup website there is specific data to find the best hotels in the area. A useful feature is that it divides the options according to costs. Giving users the opportunity to find a room with a good quality-price ratio. Of course, you can also use some of the best travel apps on the market to book your hotel or learn more about the country.

Pages with maps of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

– Spectator experience: If you can’t travel to the country, but you would like to know what the experience of those who go to the stadiums is like, be sure to look for their testimonials on social networks, using, for example, a specific hashtag on Instagram or apps like Esplorio, which travelers use to share testimonials of their trips and create a digital log.

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