A bug in Google Messages consumes the battery of the cell phone excessively

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Google Messages allows you to take a picture directly from the app itself, but a bug in this function could be responsible for excessive power consumption on mobile devices.

Google Messages allows you to take pictures directly from the app itself

One of the concerns of mobile device users is to maintain the maximum possible autonomy in the batteries of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

In the case of cell phones and tablets it can happen that some apps remain open in the background and consume more resources than expected without the device user noticing it, but the issue in the case of the bug discovered in Google Messages is that what remains active in the background is a function of the app.

Google Messages for Android has a new feature that allows you to take pictures from within the app itself to send them directly. This avoids the hassle of having to exit the application, take the picture and it is stored in the mobile gallery, exit the photo app and re-enter the Messages app, and already from this access the photo gallery to select the image you want to send.

The problem is that it has been discovered by some users a bug that leaves the camera application open in the backgroundwhich causes excessive battery consumption.

Moreover, that is not the only damage caused, since the camera remaining constantly active also leads to excessive heating of the mobile device.

Fortunately, and while Google offers an update that makes this bug disappear, there are two simple methods to avoid its effects. On the one hand just check if the camera app is open from Recents and close it.

Another more drastic method involves canceling permissions to the Google Messages app to access and use the camera. To do this, go to “Settings – Apps – Messages – Permissions – Camera”, and select the “Do not allow” option.

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