A flaw in Google Drive allows you to change your files for others

Google Drive vulnerability

Google Drive has a security vulnerability that Google has not yet been able to fix and that could apparently endanger users.

The “versioning” of Google Drive has a security flaw

This is a bug in the versioning feature, a security flaw that would make it easier for hackers to access home folders, where they could swap real files for files containing malware, in order to launch an attack with phishing that allows them to steal personal information .

The problem is as follows. The Version Manager feature allows users to manage the exact amount in which they upload a file and build an information base with data that is of interest to them. This way, the user knows which version is the latest and can easily revert to any previous version in the event of an error.

It is normal for users to store all kinds of information in the cloud and enter personal names for photos, videos, documents, and more. However, the vulnerability would allow cyber criminals to impersonate the same names and exchange the files with others.

Confident users could download a file from a long time ago believing it to be a legitimate document. However, when they open them, they are only accessing the malware that a cybercriminal could have found.

Google Drive vulnerability

Thanks to this vulnerability, cyber criminals mislead users into believing that their documents and files are safe on Google Drive. The big problem is that it is not possible to identify whether the documents are exchanged in Google Drive or not as they keep the overall style and design of the uploaded documents but have a trap internally.

Since Google determines that the file will retain its original extension, size, and design, it does not intervene to check whether the file might be damaged. In other words, the company is also being ridiculed by cyber criminals. It is expected that the problem will be resolved soon. Here are some alternatives to Google’s cloud storage.

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