A giant forest inside a mountain

can this still happen in the world? A team of Chinese scientists found something impressive. A giant forest inside a mountain. Something worthy of Indiana Jones. It is 192 meters deep, according to the news agency Xinhua.

A team of cavers rappelled into the sinkhole on May 6. It discovered there are three entrances to the cave in the chasm. There were ancient trees 40 meters high.

A giant forest inside a mountain was found a few days ago.
A giant forest inside a mountain was found a few days ago.

Immense sinkholes

“This is good news,” said George Veni, an international cave expert. “China is home to karst topography, a landscape prone to dramatic sinkholes and otherworldly caves.”

These landscapes are formed primarily by the dissolution of bedrock. Rainwater picks up carbon dioxide as it runs off the ground, becoming more acidic. It then drips, precipitates, and flows through cracks in the bedrock. It then slowly forms tunnels and voids.

The new discovery took place in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Leye County. Guangxi is known for its fabulous karst formations, ranging from sinkholes to rock pillars and natural bridges. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is the area where the unexplored sanctuary was found.
This is the area where the unexplored shrine was found.

Species never seen

The interior of the sinkhole is 306 meters long and 150 meters wide. The Mandarin word for these huge sinkholes is “tiankeng,” or “heavenly well “The dense undergrowth on the floor of the sinkhole was as high as a person’s shoulders. These caves can provide an oasis for life, Veni said.

“There could be species never before reported or described by science.” said Lixin, indicates Science Alert.

Sinkholes are a conduit to aquifers, or deep groundwater reservoirs. They provide the sole or primary water source for 700 million people worldwide, Veni said.

It’s not every day that a giant forest is discovered inside a mountain. Now, the area will be explored in detail, looking for new species.

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