A monkey plays pong with its mind

Another step in mind control of objects and technology using neural chips. The Neuralink device is a brain-machine interface operated by Elon Musk. It will help paralyzed people use computers and mobile devices. It was implanted in a monkey for testing purposes. Thanks to this, we have a monkey who plays pong with his mind.

A monkey plays pong with its mind.  The future is just around the corner.
A monkey plays pong with its mind. The future is just around the corner.

The macaque is called a pager. He is the protagonist of a video in which he uses the chip. With an implanted device, move a cursor on a neurologically active computer screen. It’s called the N1 Link.

Control neural

The researchers implanted the link in the hand and arm areas of the motor cortex. Participate in the planning and execution of movements. Neurons in the somatosensory cortex respond to touch. And neurons in the visual cortex respond to visual signals. Neurons in the motor cortex modulate their activity before and during movement. This concerns the planning, initiation and control of voluntary movements. Neuralink explains it in a statement.

We can go further. Not simply predicting intended movement given the current pattern of brain activity. With these predictions, we can control the movements of a computer’s cursor in real time. Or a pong bar like in the video, ”explains Neuralink.

Future applications

A monkey plays pong with its mind and can serve as a basis for future studies. You can use this experience to support people with paralysis. Later on, these people can apply this technology to various functions. For example, write emails and text messages. Or surf the internet. Anything else that can be done with a computer just think about how you want the cursor to move.

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