A new species of bird in New Guinea

The world of birds has been extensively researched. It is practically impossible to find new species in this taxonomic group. Unless you’re looking in inaccessible areas. A new species of bird was found in New Guinea. It was named Picabayas Satinado (‘Melanocharis citreola’). The results of the research were published in the magazine “Ibis”.

A new species of bird has been discovered in New Guinea
A new species of bird has been discovered in New Guinea
Unknown regions

Their plumage color, morphology and genome are different. Picabayas mainly feed on small fruits. It was found in one of the least explored areas in the world. It is home to an enormous variety that is still unknown to the scientific community.

“Finding an undescribed species is very difficult,” explains Borja Milá, researcher. Only two have been found in New Guinea in the past 80 years.

The team believed it was a sister species to the Colilargo Picabayas. But it is more related to the striped picabayas (‘Melanocharis striativentris’). The Lengguru region on the isthmus of Vogelkopf is an area with a rough topography. It is very difficult to penetrate due to the lack of water on the surface. The French Research Institute for Development (IRD) and the Indonesian Institute for Science (LIPI) organized expeditions.

The regions he inhabits are usually inaccessible.
The regions he inhabits are usually inaccessible.
New searches

“At 1,200 meters in the Kumawa Mountains, we caught a male Picabaya in the nets. And it clearly belonged to an undescribed species of the genus ‘Melanocharis’. It was an exciting moment, ”says Milá.

From there a second, longer expedition was organized. They looked for more data on the new species. «We camped at 1200 meters for a month. So we get three more individuals, two of which are immature males, but no trace of the females. We have a lot to research about a new species of bird in New Guinea, ”he concluded.

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