A new weight loss device could reduce the obesity problem in the world

You have developed a weight loss device and it could be a solution to a global problem. Obesity has become a real epidemic in many countries around the world. When treatments, diets, and other “solutions” don’t work, some researchers turn to the technology.

Slimming device

The new weight loss device is different from what has been seen so far

The innovative device for weight loss is called DentalSlim Diet Control and is attached to the prosthesis. A dentist is responsible for attaching it to the upper and lower molars. These are personalized magnetic pens for each patient. Once placed in the patient’s mouth, it prevents opening beyond 2 millimeters and can only be restricted to liquid food. However, the device does not prevent you from speaking or breathing.

It was developed by scientists from the University of the United Kingdom and the University of Otago, New Zealand. The studies involved volunteers who lost an average of 6.3 kilograms in just two weeks. According to the volunteers, based on the results achieved, they are ready to move forward.

Some features of the invention

The authors of this invention report that it is a tool that has no adverse effects. It’s effective, safe, and available to anyone looking to lose weight. In an emergency, the device can be removed from the patient and used several times. For safety, it must be placed on the teeth by a professional.

The new device, always according to its designer, aims to create new habits in patients. Because the method is non-invasive, people won’t end up giving in to the temptation to eat calories at the wrong time. It is a reversible treatment that can be withdrawn by the same user and is inexpensive because it is available to everyone. It does not require the use of a weighing scale or calorie counting.

Slimming device

It is useful for people who are going to have surgery and need to lose weight first. It’s also great for diabetics, as weight loss is a good sign of the disease’s resolution.

Some scientists disagree with the system

In the world of science, many believed that it was a modern torture device for the patient. The magnetic locking bolts that it has, as already said, do not allow the mouth to be opened beyond two millimeters. Although he avoids eating between meals, it is one of the most common causes of obesity.

The volunteers who tested it in the studies are satisfied with the results obtained, which they later published in the journal Nature. In addition to the device, they were put on a 1,200-calorie liquid diet.

They also answered a questionnaire about the device. Answers were about how it is tolerated and whether it does not cause discomfort. Few volunteers expressed discomfort with pronouncing certain words.

Compared to bariatric surgery, this device is much cheaper. The surgical method is not for everyone as it costs more than 20,000 euros. It also has several consequences. In the case of DentalSlim Diet Control, the patient takes it out of the mouth if he cannot tolerate it without any further side effects. Will it be the end of dieting and control on the scales?

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