A nuclear mega-ship to raise awareness for the environment

While it’s still a project, a nuclear mega-ship can help raise awareness around the world. It’s the dream of entrepreneur Aaron Olivera, who wants to take scientists and millionaires on this new ship to conduct an ocean survey.

nuclear mega-ship
The futuristic design of the Earth 300 is intended to inspire its crew to protect the environment (Photo: Earth 300.com)
Know more about the nuclear mega-ship

The ship is called Earth 300, was designed by Yddes Yachts Studio in Barcelona and presented in Singapore. The boat is 300 meters long, 60 meters high (13 floors) and can accommodate more than 400 people between the crew and passengers.

The high technology with which the ship is operated is environmentally friendly. The same applies to your power bike. These include salt reactors, a new generation of nuclear energy that is being used for the first time on a ship. This type of nuclear energy is much safer, has no carbon emissions, and is sustainable and sustainable. The design of the ship belongs to the futuristic yacht designer Iván Salas Jefferson.

On the main deck there is a glass-shaped, bubble-shaped structure that houses 22 laboratories with the latest technology. Another innovation that has never been used for a ship is the equipping with a quantum computer.

Everyone cannot navigate in it

Of the more than 400 people that can be taken on board, 160 will be crew members and another 160 will be scientists. The rest can be special guests and groups of students. Of course, guests won’t be doing this for free. The estimate is that each 10-day trip will cost about $ 3 million.

The contribution of guests on board is a way to fund the scientific expeditions that the ship conducts. In addition, this mega-project is supported by important companies such as IBM, RINA and TESLA.

The new ship will be a landmark in defense of the environment

The creators want Earth 300 to have an architectural design that will become an icon. That the astonishment of its architecture arouses an environmental awareness among the public in order to change certain habits on the planet. Olivera called his project the Eiffel Tower of the New Generations. After the design has already been completed, it remains for the shipyards where construction is to begin to give their approval and budget.

nuclear mega-ship
Billionaires are offered trips for $ 3 million, giving them access to 10 luxury suits on board (Photo: Earth 300.com).

The total estimated cost is between $ 500 million and $ 700 million. The molten salt nuclear reactor is being built in the UK and has no promise of emissions. The technology to build this reactor comes from TerraPower, a company founded by Bill Gates. It should be noted that a reactor like the one planned must be tested and its approval would take anywhere from five to seven years.

In any case, the ship would be ready to sail by the approval of the reactor in 2025, albeit with environmentally friendly fuels. The maiden voyage would sail Antarctica and then the Arctic. You can sail 300 days a year and earn more than $ 100 million a year in profit between guests and events on board. 80% of these profits are used for environmental purposes.

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