A nuclear power plant on the Moon

It is planned by China’s space program. They are looking to develop something that will power a permanent station on our natural satellite. So, the plan is to put a nuclear power plant on the Moon in 2028.

We will soon have a nuclear plant on the Moon.
We will soon have a nuclear power plant on the Moon.

New type of plant

Chinese lunar exploration chief Wu Weiren revealed details of the strategy to the local press. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) achieved a previous goal. They concentrated the first samples in 40 years of lunar soil. They obtained them from the far end of the natural satellite.

The mission is identified as Chang’e. It seeks to land three spacecraft. It will be done with a view to the construction of the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS). It would be ready by 2028. Will this deadline be met?

To make this initiative possible, a new type of nuclear power plant needs to be developed. How to ensure its ability to operate on the lunar surface? They must consider extreme temperatures. Also the risk of meteorite strikes. No ability to use water for cooling.

“We are currently developing a new power system. Nuclear energy will provide a high-power, long-lasting supply. And in that the communicative facility will be able to establish communication between the Moon and the Earth. Or with other planets, such as Mars,” explained the scientist in charge.

NASA is also thinking about nuclear reactors.
NASA is also thinking about nuclear reactors.

Maximum power

The Chinese project parallels one from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). What is the U.S. government looking for? Also to develop a nuclear reactor on the Moon. But the projected capabilities of the Asian plant would exceed those of the US. There are not many details yet. Some earlier reports have suggested that the plant will be capable of producing 1 megawatt of power. That’s about 100 times more than NASA’s 1 kilowatt reactor.
The ability to secure permanent human settlements on the Moon, Wu Weiren explained, requires more powerful and innovative energy sources.

The planned Chinese space station would be built toward the south pole of the natural satellite. What would this allow? To have constant illumination from the Sun and a unique vantage point. Maybe soon you’ll point your telescope up and see a nuclear power plant on the Moon.

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