A planetary collision brought life to Earth

Research continues to try to show how it was possible to start Life on earth. A new study says it could be a planetary collision the one that gave way to the first living beings to start "walking" through this world.

Remember that there are two essential elements for life to develop on Earth, and they are nitrogen and carbon. But neither of them was present in this world when it was created, now about 4.5 billion years ago.

So, there was a big impact with another planet, called today Theia, although it cannot be confirmed if it was this that brought these elements. What is certain is that from this great shock the Moon.

The study that states that a planetary collision brought the essential elements for life

The Rice University study has been published in the specialized journal Science Advances. It states that none of the rocky planets of the Solar system It contained volatile elements such as carbon and nitrogen, according to what has been known according to the comets investigated.

So how did these elements get to Earth? This issue is much discussed, however, according to their investigations, the planetary collision involves a geochemical evidence really consistent.

In the experimentation carried out, it seems clear that these volatile elements reached Earth from a clash with a embryonic world whose core was rich in sulfur.

The sulfur of this planet played a fundamental role that would explain the presence of these elements that are essential for the creation of life as we know it on Earth.

Until now, this fact was explained by means of the meteorites that collide with the Earth and that come from outside the Solar System. But this research only tested the presence of carbon, but not other elements such as nitrogen.

However, the new research states that a planet the size of Mars could expand the ratio of carbon and nitrogen on Earth, managing to explain that the volume matches the amount of these elements in our world, and in the core of this planet.

According to the research, these volatile elements do not appear to have been obtained by the Earth's core in any other way to create the biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere that today allow us to see the rich life that we enjoy in this world.

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