A recycled car was made from reused materials and household waste

A recycling company has been merged with students from the University of Eindhoven (Netherlands). You have managed to develop something very innovative. It’s a recycled electric car. The car is made up of household waste, recyclable materials and some organic waste.

Luca, the recycled car
Bart van Overbeeke

Recycling materials was no longer a fad to become the fundamental engine of the circular economy. Reusing waste until it reaches the end of its useful life saves energy and reduces the consumption of non-renewable resources.

The UBQ company is responsible for recycling mountains of household waste in the Negev desert in Israel. It processes tons of waste every day and separates metals and minerals. They break down PET bottles and other plastics into small particles called pellets. Pellets can be used in the manufacture of plastics and also in construction.

You have built an electric car that is completely recycled

The students and the UBQ company made the recycled car from ABS plastics and PET bottles. Household waste such as disposable diapers and banana peels. They named the car Luca, and it promises to be a revolution in electric car manufacturing.

The chassis was made of linen from reclaimed PET bottles and polypropylene. The seats were made of coconut fiber and horsehair. Recycled aluminum tubing was also used for the front and back of the suspension.

The exterior of the body is stronger than plastic and was developed in Israel. It’s made from recycled ABS material that is used in many mass consumer items. As with televisions, toys, kitchen items and also in the automotive industry. This is the industry that makes circuit boards and the parts that cover the motor.

The side windows also come from recycling, whereby the materials are dark in color. As I said, the seats are made of coconut fiber and horsehair and their upholstery is made of recycled PET fabrics.

Technical characteristics of the recycled car

The developed car is powered by two electric motors. Its weight is 360 kilograms without batteries. That is significantly less than the weight of a traditional car. This makes it a light vehicle that can consequently be very agile in traffic.

recycled car
Bart van Overbeeke

It reaches a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour and has an autonomy of up to 220 kilometers. The design corresponds to a sports car. The intense and noticeable yellow color of his body is not a color. It is a film that sticks to recycled material and can be removed easily and without any visible residue.

In addition, it is an electric vehicle that does not consume much, as it can run 180 kilometers on one liter of gasoline. In short, Luca is an excellent project that shows that not all household waste has to go to landfill.

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