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Having a reliable and easy to use communications system is essential for any company, regardless of its size. The need to offer customers an adequate and timely response makes having a suitable switchboard to manage all communications of the company is crucial at a time like the one we are in.

According to the consulting firm Gartner, the Internet telephony and messaging market will exceed 13,500 million dollars next year and will be one of the driving forces behind the development and growth of many companies. What should companies look for when hiring a service provider to whom to entrust the management of their communications?

Today, having a PBX does not necessarily mean that it has to be in the office. In fact, betting on a virtual PBX, which manages communications virtually, using voice over IP technology, is something that more and more companies are doing. The benefits are many: they allow to offer a continuous service, the telecommunications service is more flexible and it is not necessary to have bulky equipment in the facilities, and it can be adapted to the needs of the company by scaling the equipment.

For these reasons it is essential to bet on a quality provider when hiring a VoIP system for your company. In this sense, the company 3CX provides a complete business communications solution, which offers a free version with 1 year of free hosting of its virtual PBX.

Being a complete solution means that it includes all kinds of communication functionalities, among which you can find voice, video and integration with Facebook messaging and SMS messaging. It also includes contact center features such as call queuing, reporting, recording and more.

Thanks to working in the cloud, all its functionalities can be employed at any time and from anywhere, just by having an Internet connection. In this sense, users can make use of all these benefits from the web client, Windows Desktop App and also by downloading the mobile apps for iOS or Android.

Why choose 3CX Virtual PBX?

There are many virtual PBX solutions in the cloud on the market, but not all of them work in the same way or provide cost savings or flexibility in the communications system.

One of the main advantages of 3CX virtual PBX is that it provides free hosting for the first year. 3CX Hosting means that the company takes care of all the updates and monitoring of the telecommunications system, installing security patches as needed, and without the hiring company having to worry about anything other than providing the best service and response to its customers.

It includes nightly backups and the implementation of the service is very simple, because migrating from the old communications system of any company to the 3CX virtual PBX is very simple, working in the cloud. You can maintain control over the phone numbers and bring with you the SIP trunks without major problems.

Another major advantage is the price. 3CX Virtual PBX costs much less than other similar VoIP solutions, providing more benefits. Its integrated video conferencing solution, the possibility of working from the web client or through the apps for iOS and Android, Facebook integration or live chat on your website are some of the advantages.

And all this allowing cost savings to the company that reaches 80% on the phone bill, as it will not have to face administration costs. Nor are licenses charged per extension, since the extensions in this case are unlimited. You can save on call costs by using your own SIP trunks and remember that 3CX Hosting is free for the first year for all licenses.

In a situation like the one we are in, facilitating teleworking is also a necessity for any company. With a virtual PBX as recommended, connecting remote offices will be an easy and economical task, eliminating costly office calls. Workers will be able to communicate with each other even when working remotely, and creating and managing new extensions is simple, which you can manage anywhere even from the palm of your hand with the apps for Windows, Web, iOS and Android.

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