A smart collar for dogs that is like an “Apple Watch”

iNvoxia smart necklace

Technology also provides interesting tools for pet lovers in the form of apps, and although there are already on the market different models of pet collars with geolocation functions, the proposal of Invoxia adds a peculiar innovation by transferring to the canine world some of the usual features of smart bracelets and smartwatches, to the point of almost being able to speak of “an Apple Watch for dogs”.

Invoxia’s collar means transferring functions similar to a smartwatch to dogs

This smart collar is capable of monitor vital signs of man’s best friend, and also serves as a GPS locator, so in case the dog escapes or gets lost can be trackedand you will also be alerted in case it leaves a certain geographical area.

Invoxia has used technology capable of monitoring both the breathing and the pulse of the animal wearing the collar. Thanks to artificial intelligence processes, it interprets the signals captured by the sensors incorporated in the collar, which also integrates accelerometers and GPS. It even has miniaturized Soli radar sensors, the same ones used by Google in its Pixel 4 smartphones.

Some of the peculiarities of these sensors offer such amazing capabilities as being able to detect the length of the dog’s hair and its movement around the collar, in order to calculate the activity of the canine through algorithms, in combination with the data offered by the cardiac, respiration and position sensors.

With these sensors the user can track the physical activity in detail of the dog, identifying whether it is running, walking, sleeping, eating, drinking or barking.

Thanks to these sensors, the collar does not need to fit around the neck as much as with smart bracelets, so the dog gains in comfort while still fulfilling its functions. Among them, and thanks to technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and LTE, it can be connected to a cell phone where an app is installed to monitor the information received from the collar.

With all this information can be carried out a thorough monitoring in case of health problems of the dog, postoperative processes or to check the evolution of veterinary treatments. In some cases it can even allow the prevention of possible health problems of the pet.

Finally, Invoxia’s intelligent dog collar has the following features a cover to clean it without affecting the sensor array. As for limitations, Invoxia is currently only offered in medium to large sizes, so that would not be advisable for small breeds. One of the reasons is that it is more complicated to adapt these sensors to smaller size collars, so for the time being, and together with small dog breeds, it does not seem that there will be availability of this type of intelligent collars for cats either.

Invoxia plans to release these collars in the summer of this year with a price of $99 plus a $12.99 monthly subscription for geolocation services.

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