A tree of life was discovered in a lagoon in Australia

The incredible image of a majestic tree of life was photographed by a drone in a lake / lagoon in Australia. This happened in early 2021 and was on Lake Cakora. This lake is on the north coast of New South Wales. The photos were taken by an amateur photographer. In fact, his name is Derry Moroney, and he ended up investigating what was causing this fantastic visual phenomenon.

The tree of life
Image from UnoTV.com: https://www.unotv.com/virales/encuentran-espectacular-arbol-de-la-vida-en-lago-de-australia/
Characteristics of the phenomenon

Australia’s biodiversity is always amazing. It is also estimated to be the habitat of over a million species that are only found there. With all of that said, this photo of the lake confirms that Australia is an area more than surprising.

The water of the lake acts as a canvas and the tree of life seems to be painted on it in different shades of brown. On this occasion, the flora of Australia provides a surprise. The lake’s water comes from the sea, so they are salty. The coasts are planted with numerous tea trees. These trees emit oil that falls into the lake. The combination of the salinity of the water with the oil of the tea trees and the natural movement of the water in the lagoon forms the tree of life famous today.

Get to know the tea tree and its oil better

The tea tree is a 5 meter high shrub. The oil that this tree exudes is of great value in natural medicine. Its origin is in Australia, where it was known by the Aborigines hundreds of years ago. They used the leaves and bark of the tree to get the oil. They knew the benefits of this bush very well. It’s antibacterial, fungicidal, insect repellent, and antiviral.

Photos of the tree of life went viral

Derry Moroney watched the drone’s shots and was blinded by the beauty he saw. That happened six months before the photos went viral on social media. Users who viewed the photos named the image Tree of Life.

During those months, Moroney returned to the same place every 15 days and took new pictures with the drone. So he discovered that the image of the tree of life was created after heavy rains. However, the digital age allows us to enjoy this wonder of nature.

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