A website for buying used cars arrives in Spain

Heycar selling car

When you think of it buy a used vehicle You can find a used car directly on the internet, which minimizes visits to dealerships or encounters with private sellers in a context as sensitive as that of the coronavirus pandemic. Heycar.com has just launched in Spain, an online platform that provides an online experience of buying direct over the Internet to both end users and retailers and financial companies.

Spain is the third market in which Heycar is launched, after Germany and Great Britain

Heycar arrives in Spain today after its launch in Germany and the UK. Its shareholders include companies such as Volkswagen and SEAT. You will only find cars with a guarantee that are less than 8 years old and have driven less than 150,000 kilometers. Many of them are only sold exclusively on the platform.

To make it easier for users to buy cars online, the company is currently working with more than 180 dealerships across the country and is open to adding more dealerships of all brands. In addition, the company works with its financiers to help prospective buyers buy a used vehicle.

The platform is not only aimed at end customers, but aims to offer an online channel with all guarantees, which is why it also offers advantages to the various players in the automotive industry.

“For example there is currently in dealer networks some concerns about rising costs This must be taken into account when posting used cars on online platforms, as it will reduce dealers’ margins without ensuring a greater quantity and quality of potential customers or sales ”, says Fedor Artiles, General Manager of Heycar Spain. Because of this, the platform doesn’t charge dealers any fees for selling their cars.

Thus, the business model does not reduce the weight of the advertised dealer, but of the person who receives a valid customer. Heycar only charges the dealer a fee when a potential customer (lead) is sent to them, which encourages them to publish indefinitely any quality cars they have.

To deliver high quality leads, the company leverages big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a better customer experience and close sales. In the first months of the market launch, heycar is offering dealers a 100% discount on these costs.

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