A website helps you build your computer in parts

If you want to create and assemble your own desktop computer, you need to choose the right parts and create a workstation that adapts to the use you want to give it: at home, at work, or even playing.

On this web page you can check the compatibility between the different components of a computer

This is not easy or available to all users. However, if you have some computer skills, you may prefer to build your own computer rather than limit yourself to the standard configurations that the manufacturers launch.

To build your own “clinical” computer there is a website called PC Builder that can help. There is a large library of parts that allows compare prices of the various componentsIt also checks the compatibility between the selected parts so that there are no problems when assembling the devices. This solves one of the major problems that users encounter when creating their devices, as manufacturers often leave gaps in the compatibility of its parts.

To analyze the compatibility of each part, the platform uses the Manufacturer’s informationAlong with opinions and testimonials from users who shared on help forums and special portals some compatibility issues between parts that were not stated by the manufacturers.

When creating a team, the price and compatibility information are updated as new parts are added. Once created, the team can be shared via links or the information can even be embedded in an article or website.

In addition, the platform has a user forum in which information can be exchanged, questions asked and answered, and personal experience in creating computer devices can be incorporated.

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